Introduction Of kt sommerfuglen:


In the quaint town of Kolding, Denmark, a legacy was woven in 1946 – the birth of KT-Strømpen, fondly known as “the one with the butterfly.” This is not just a story of socks; it’s a tale of resilience, innovation, and the timeless pursuit of quality.

Inception and Silk Stockings:

Founding: KT-Strømpen emerged from the looms of Kolding Tricotagefabrik in 1946.

Silk Stockings Era: Initially, the focus was on knitting nylon stockings, a precious commodity during the war, aptly named “Silk stockings.” The butterfly logo, inspired by the silk-producing caterpillar, became synonymous with the brand.

The Humble Beginnings:

Hen House Origins: With only three manual knitting machines, KT-Strømpen started in a modest “hen house” in Kolding.

Quality Over Quantity: Despite limited production (less than 100 pairs daily), the emphasis was on crafting socks of the highest quality.

The Flight to Sommerfuglevej:

Expansion in 1951: Moving beyond the city, KT-Strømpen settled on No. Bjert Way, later renamed Sommerfuglevej (Butterfly Road) in their honor.

Visionary Decision: The mayor’s foresight defied skepticism, and the factory flourished, becoming an integral part of Kolding’s growth.

Global Expansion and Philanthropy:

Factory Move to Pakistan (2006-2010): A strategic move saw the gradual shift of machinery and production to Pakistan, ensuring efficiency and quality.

Empowering Workforce: By offering competitive salaries and maintaining excellent working conditions, KT-Strømpen strives to be an employer of choice. The factory provides free food, medical care, educational initiatives, and adamantly opposes child labor.

Philosophy of Quality and Innovation:

Yarn Selection: Despite production in Asia, KT-Strømpen sources the majority of its yarn from European suppliers to uphold stringent quality standards.

Commitment to Excellence: The company prides itself on a dedicated team, constant product development, and rigorous testing of new yarns.

The Butterfly Endures:

Time-Tested Philosophy: KT-Strømpen’s core philosophy revolves around delivering socks that blend wear resistance and comfort seamlessly.

Continued Innovation: The journey since 1946 has been marked by continuous innovation, maintaining the brand’s commitment to high-quality standards.

Step into Comfort – Step into KT-Strømpen:

Invitation to Experience: KT-Strømpen invites you to walk in their socks, urging you to try a pair and revel in the comfort that has been a hallmark for nearly eight decades.

Connect with KT-Strømpen:

Visit our website to explore our range of high-quality socks: KT-Strømpen


As KT-Strømpen continues to thread its way through time, the butterfly remains a symbol of enduring elegance and unwavering commitment to excellence. Step into history, step into comfort – step into KT-Strømpen.


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