Interior Fit Out Companies In Oman

Interior Fit Out Companies In Oman

Interior Decoration Construction Process And Its Types

Interior “Decoration” refers to the process of preparing the internal space to be occupied. The usual practice is that when constructing a commercial building, the internal space is empty for the occupants to determine the level of decoration (or decoration) required.

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Ideally, renovations allow the company to plan and create the appearance of the institution.

In building preparation, decoration refers to activities such as the installation of floors, ceilings, partitions, and furniture. In addition, building services such as wiring, wiring, Internet connection and communication arrangements may also be part of the renovation process.

Decoration And Decoration: What Is The Difference?

Usually, people confuse decoration with decoration. In most cases, the two can be used interchangeably. However, although they are closely related, both have unique purposes and procedures.

To easily understand these two terms, let us take office decoration as an example.

What Is Office Decoration?

This involves taking up an empty space and converting it into a usable office setting. This means setting up some structural features such as window arrangement, door fittings, heating, ducting and ventilation.

Office decoration is closely related to the interior design of the office. These are the functions needed to give the space a professional appearance. Ideally, decoration is more about transforming the space to give it more beauty. This may include painting, adding better furniture and some decorative items. Usually, office renovation takes longer than the renovation process.

What Are The Types Of Decoration?

Commercial decoration is divided into three categories-Class A, Class B and Shell-Core decoration. In order to make a more informed decision when decorating a commercial space, you need to understand what each category involves:

Shell And Core Decoration

Here, the framework of the building is ready and is waiting for the renovation process. From the outside, the building envelope seems to have been completed, but it lacks several components such as power supply, internal walls, lighting and heating.

The decoration of the shell and core allows companies to customize the space to suit their specifications. This is suitable for large companies that take up a lot of space.

Class A Decoration

Category decoration is usually found in commercial spaces that are ready to be rented out. This is a basic functional unit with some utilities, such as wires and sanitary equipment.

Generally, Type A renovations will involve the installation of the following functions:

  • Power outlet
  • Raised access floor
  • HVAC system
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Restroom
  • Grid ceiling

Basically, the space is practical, but it lacks the secondary features of the design to make it suitable for its intended use. Starting from this construction phase, the enterprise enters and implements the B-type layout.

Class B Decoration

Class B decoration is a layout that takes into account your business needs and image. This renovation involves installing functional components and systems that are missing from Category A. In other words, category B is the stage of aesthetic design and decoration, in which the space is specifically used for business.


This stage may involve curtains, adding furniture, installing lighting equipment, adding floors, partitions, paint and branding.

For the best results, Category B should be inspired by company culture, professional ethics, team size and agreements. This is a stage where you use your creativity and business style to build a compelling brand image.

Things To Consider Before Starting A Renovation Project

Commercial renovation requires a lot of planning and preparation. Before starting any project, please consider the following important factors:

Comprehensive Price Estimate

Before proceeding with the commercial office renovation project, please confirm that the initial quotation received from the interior design company is comprehensive and eliminates any other costs. Please take some time to review the quote to make sure it covers the following:

  • Design brief
  • Technical plan
  • Building evaluation
  • project management
  • Material delivery
  • put up

With a comprehensive offer, the company can effectively budget for the entire project without becoming a victim of a sudden increase in final costs.

Design In Line With The Brand

The new office design should match the company’s brand color, appearance, culture, values ​​and vision. It should be an extension of other marketing and advertising materials. In this way, when customers walk into the office, read brochures, browse the company’s website or visit their social media pages, they will get the same impression.


Service System Design Efficiency

The way of design and decoration should enable different systems in the workplace to operate effectively to meet the needs of employees (including reliable communication systems that can achieve the best office temperature, adequate lighting systems, adequate sockets, etc.).

Before deciding on the layout with the designer, please consider the following systems:

  • Type of data wiring required
  • Illuminance and illuminance level
  • Location of power outlets and switches
  • Number of data points required
  • Number of power outlets required
  • Air conditioning units
  • Air conditioning for server rooms and server racks
  • Ventilation, the location of the mechanical governor and the return grille
  • Talk to employees to make sure you have all the key information about the business space.

Migrate IT And Telecommunications

When moving from one workplace to another, communication necessities such as the Internet and telephone will be greatly disrupted. Depending on the business, any minor communication interruption may cause trouble or lose several customers.

This can be avoided by hiring reliable renovation experts to create a reliable migration plan for the communication system. The seamless migration process ensures that even if the company moves to a new office, customers can still make calls via email, text message or phone.

New Space Legal Compliance

The new design must meet all government requirements, including:

  • Fire alarm and fire extinguisher
  • Safe electrical settings
  • Ample working space
  • Efficient and comfortable working environment
  • Health and hygiene

Compliance with the above regulations can reduce the risk of illness, injury and accidents for employees. The company also avoided unnecessary litigation.

The Inherent Opportunity To Expand The Space

Although not always feasible, it is important to design an office because as the business expands in the future, the office will allow more equipment and furniture to accommodate more customers. With room for expansion, companies can avoid the need for relocation, thereby saving more money.

Commercial Renovation Steps

The whole renovation process can be daunting. It requires the opinions of employees and architecture and design experts. When setting up a new business space, use the following steps:

Choose A Decoration Team

Choose suitable personnel in the enterprise to manage and supervise the renovation project. For this project, please choose individuals who are organized, creative, good at numbers and able to make decisions. With the team:

  • Determine what will work in the workspace and what is correct for employees
  • Set and communicate a budget
  • Determine how much space is needed
  • Prepare for future growth and expansion when necessary

Ideally, team members should come from different departments of the company to ensure that the renovated project can meet the needs of everyone in the new field.

Building Search And Evaluation

If the business must choose between staying in the current building or moving to another place, please consult extensively to make a more beneficial choice. Affordable things to live in, but moving may provide more opportunities for future growth and expansion.

If you are looking for a new or more suitable commercial space, please choose a highly recommended real estate agent to help you.

Hire A Legal Team

The team can not only help you compare leases and start the negotiation process, but can also be responsible for finalizing the old leases when the business moves. They will also take care of all other legal requirements of the project.

Choose A Relocation Or Renovation Partner

Research, evaluate and select the most suitable relocation or renovation company for the project. Since it is difficult to take care of multiple suppliers, please make sure that the selected renovation partner can provide every service required by the business.

Design and Development

Discuss with the office interior designer and determine the design and scope of the quotation. At the same time, communicate all needs, including brand and operational efficiency.

Pre-Construction Planning

Even if the project is going to take place, the business must still be running. Discuss with the renovation partner and plan how to minimize interference.

Start The Renovation Process

Once the renovation process begins, please keep in touch with the team so that any changes to the plan can be effectively implemented.


If you want to move to a new place, the previous building management department is likely to ask the company to leave the original space. Therefore, please plan with your fitness partner to implement the plan.


When you are ready to move to a new office, hire a reputable company to make the migration process as seamless as possible. This is why it is important to choose a comprehensive renovation company that can provide all services including relocation at the initial stage of the project.

Continuous Maintenance

Once the business is transferred, please ensure that the firefighting system, hydraulic system, safety system, etc. are in good condition. Any necessary adjustments required after moving in can always be made during maintenance.

Eight Decoration Mistakes You Should Avoid

Decoration requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. The following are some decoration mistakes made by many companies:

1. Hurry Up And Plan

Skipping or rushing in the planning stage will result in poor renovation, which is a waste of money and time. Prone to structural setbacks and the need for regular renovations.

Ask a fitness expert to plan the best results. They will use limited space and expand their budgets without compromising quality.

2. Dysfunctional Layout Design

Use a layout plan that combines current and future business plans.

Envisioning the office is not from a personal perspective, but from the perspective of employees and visitors. Consider your business needs and create a beautiful and pleasant working environment.

Committed to creating dynamic, professional and functional spaces by satisfying all aspects of office needs. In addition to the work area, don’t forget about the space and access to the meeting room, reception and lounge.

3. Improper Budget

Making a comprehensive budget is a priority for companies seeking to improve decoration.

Determine your financial blueprint and work within its limits. The goal is to achieve cost-effective renovations and be prepared for unexpected changes in prices and other factors. Find a decoration expert to help you with budgeting.

4. Not Considering Future Business Plans

Ensure that the decoration design can meet future expansion needs. Business owners can use modern designs to replace permanent wall fixtures in the office.

In addition, share long-term company plans with decoration experts and ensure that they are incorporated into the design.

5. Copy Other Office Designs

It is also good to draw inspiration from other decoration designs. However, copying it may not bring the same aura, especially when the company is located in a different department.

Incorporate the company’s core values, goals and achievements into the decoration design to stand out from the competition.

6. Assuming The Landlord

Incomplete understanding of the landlord’s regulations and restrictions may have a negative impact on project costs and duration. Restrictions such as operating during specific working hours can severely affect the progress of the project.

Before starting the renovation project, please discuss the design and other project details with the landlord or his representative. Make sure to reach an agreement on how the project will be implemented.

7. Insufficient Lighting And Air Flow

Staying in a poorly ventilated room with insufficient light may have a negative impact on human health. Therefore, exposing employees to low-light, low-light rooms will affect their productivity and performance.

Good decoration design should be combined with large windows to provide sufficient airflow and natural light. In addition, the decoration expert should also be able to provide other environmental design suggestions for the office. This will help attract customers and save energy.

8. Don’t Consult Employees

Since employees spend most of their time in the office, please keep it in mind when designing the decoration. Ask them about what to include and what to prioritize the design.

Find A Good Renovation And Construction Company To Get The Best Results

Decoration can make business success or failure. It ensures that the system runs efficiently, employees work efficiently, and allows customers to enjoy the atmosphere in the office.

This is not a simple decoration, but an image that the company portrays to the public. Therefore, please be sure to reserve a reasonable budget for this project to achieve the best results.

When working on the design project, it is also important that the new interior design, company in Oman Creativefox provide information.

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