Important Underbench Freezer Considerations

Underbench freezers

Choosing and selecting the exact commercial refrigerator for your laboratory is the most indispensable thing in modern lab management. You might think that it is as easy as deciding to pick up a fridge for your house. However, it is not that easy, and you need to consider a number of things before you actually start selecting a refrigerator for your laboratory. If you successfully pick the best refrigerator for your laboratory, half of the work of your lab management is done. And if you really want to replace the old lab equipment with a new one.

What to consider when selecting under counter lab freezers

First you need to look at the cost and overall expense of these refrigerators because they are much more expensive than ordinary residential units. Therefore, your lab manager and engineer should compare the cost of equipment and its features. Temperature incursions cannot be ignored. And if your freezer does not work well, you have to face a lot of costs. Are you after a new look and extraordinary features? Then we have a proper guide for you to analyse and then think which underbench freezer and refrigerator perfectly fits in your laboratory.

Do you need an energy efficient model?

We’ve tested energy-efficient models that perform well for just six hundred dollars. Side-by-side models are a good fit for narrow kitchens because they take up the least space with their doors open. Most side-by-sides come with an ice and water dispenser. Although this is the feature most requested by buyers, our surveys show that refrigerators with it require far more repairs than those without it. There are also freezers in which some items will not fit, and you may find that items tend to get hidden behind each other.

Types of under bench refrigerators:

Refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom:

These are the fastest growing category by far, your fresh foods are within easy reach. You’ll need to bend a bit to access your freezer items, but pull-outs allow you to see foods from above .you can get single or French door models with two narrow doors a plus. If you want to, just take something out of one side and let less cold air out. There are also four door bottom freezers. Now they typically have a pull-out middle drawer with adjustable temperatures, making them a great place to store everything from drinks to meats to fruits and vegetables. Basically, bottom freezer styles range from 800 to 2000 dollars with French doors. with extra compartments they can start at $1300 and go up to $4,000. For single door, models typically cost three to five thousand dollars.

Cabinet depth refrigerators:

Cabinet depth refrigerators are designed to be flushed to the counters with the doors usually extending past the countertop these refrigerators are shallow about 29 to 30 inches deep. Cabinet depth refrigerators are available as side-by-sides and the French door style is even more popular, expect to pay $1300 to $3,500. French door models start at $1500 for an impressive designer look.

Built-in refrigerators:

These are designed to fit flush with your cabinetry. This imposing yet sleek look comes with a hefty price tag. Six thousand up to 12 thousand dollars they’re typically available with bottom freezers or side-by-sides because of their shallower depths, usually 24 or 25 inches (0.64 m). They offer less storage space. Refrigerator columns are a new subcategory of built-ins that you can play with. Pick a refrigerator from 18 to 30 inches (0.76 m) wide and a freezer from 18 to 24 inches (0.61 m), and place them together or across the room. Flexibility comes at a price, you’ll pay between three thousand and nine thousand dollars for a refrigerator column.

What are your storage temperature requirements?

If you are running a laboratory, under counter lab freezers range between -15 to -25. If you require low temperatures, then you should buy ultra-low temperature freezers. However, you may not get them in under counter configurations.

How To Choose an Under counter Refrigerator or Freezer

It is quite important to note down the following things if you really want to make a best decision for choosing freezer and refrigerator:

  • The first thing is to measure your space you are planning to put it in. This is a must because if you have the right height and the right width of your space, then all of your units will fit easily. You should have made an out way for exhaust clearance. For moving through, you need to make space for open doors.
  • The second step is to plan how are you going to use it to serve your purpose. Do you need a refrigerator for a self-service? Or do you want to keep some extra ingredients close to your preparation area? these questions are very important to decide whether you want drawers, solid doors or glass doors.
  • Do your research. Read product descriptions and spec sheets carefully, review dimensions and clearances, and ask if you have questions!

At last, do your own research and try to read descriptions and space sheets that will be attached with the refrigerators. And ask us questions if you have them.

With an underbench freezer, you can save valuable counter space while still keeping your products frozen and easily accessible in your kitchen. Because of the high-quality components used in our underbench freezers, they can withstand heavy, regular usage, and their simple operation saves the amount of time needed fiddling with and monitoring the settings to ensure optimal performance. For your company, our underbench freezers provide practical solutions that make it simple to give excellent customer service while also expanding your business. A single door underbench freezer can be installed in a small place and will save space, whereas double door units are larger and will provide significantly more storage space. A commercial underbench freezer is engineered to survive everyday use in busy catering areas and is more powerful than household ones. Counter freezers, which combine frozen storage space with a countertop for meal preparation or housing other kitchen appliances, are an option for kitchens that do not have fitted worktops.


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