Important Tips to Relocate in Pune Efficiently

Important Tips to Relocate in Pune Efficiently
Important Tips to Relocate in Pune Efficiently

Are you moving? Dis you just get a job in Pune? Or have you been admitted to your dream college in Pune? Well, we don’t doubt that. Pune is a hub of great colleges and IT industry. With increase in various companies’ day by day, relocation in Pune has grown up to be a city that has everything. Being one of the cosmopolitan cities of Maharashtra, living there is still a dream for many. People relocate within or out of Pune daily and there are many constraints over you with the whole process of moving.

There should be a proper plan to make sure your move is safe and smooth. Hiring movers and packers might be a good idea for you but there might be some situations that might restrict you. You might also consider relocating by yourself. All of these things must be looked through and you must not make a decision in hurry. Here are some tips for you to plan your smooth relocation in Pune.

Is Pune a Good Location?

Whenever we shift somewhere, our first question is if the city good to live. If you will get to do things that you have dreamt about or if you will be happy there. Pune is a nice city with good weather and most of all good people. You will get all the amenities there but be sure which location you are choosing. As it is still developing, there will be certain places where you might not get everything you need but can be cost effective. You have to find a place suitable for you in every aspect.

Make A Checklist

The first thing to do for a smooth and efficient relocation is to make a checklist about each and everything. Mark the tasks one by one simultaneously when it is completed. Include everything you need to complete, buy, sell or arrange into that checklist before moving out to your new home. You can even make different checklists for different things. Here are some common things that everybody includes in their checklist.

  • There are many utilities that you will have to disconnect or connect at new home.
  • There will be some necessary items that you need to arrange.
  • People who you are talking to regarding your move and their contact details.
  • There will be your packing strategy about what all things you require at your new home.
  • You will need to update your new address in a number of documents.
  • Keep a track of pending work at your previous location and you must complete it before moving out.
  • All the things that you need to do at your new home.

Decide Whether to Self-Relocate or Hire a Moving Company

When you look thoroughly about this, you find yourself in a curious situation as they both have their pros and cons. Hiring a moving company can be beneficial to you in many aspects such as reduced efforts, everything being taken care of, experienced professionals working with your stuff, etc. while Self-relocation is a hectic process as you have to take care of everything. You will have to find people and labour for moving day while hiring a movers and packers includes it all. Sometime the moving company can be costly for you and you might consider self-relocating. But in those cases, you can also look for some specific offers which might be cost effective for you.

Hire Suitable Movers and Packers

There is a pond of moving companies in Pune and you will have to pick a specific one just how like them. Movers and packers are specialized and experienced in doing your shifting easily and safely. They have the capability to handle everything from beginning to the end in a very efficient manner. It is best to hire them at least a week before to get through everything efficiently. You might get into trouble later in having booking slots available for you. here are some things that movers and packers help you with.

  • They help you in everything from packing and moving your stuff to relocating your appliances, installing and uninstalling them, etc.
  • They use specialised equipment for loading and unloading your heavy, precious items and move them without any discomfort to you.
  • They have the idea about what are your needs and they will choose everything including packing items, trucks, equipment, etc. according to you.
  • After reaching at your destination, the professionals working will unpack and reassemble all the belongings of yours and will assist in home arrangement if you would require.

But be careful when you are booking them as you might get trapped into some fraud companies who will suck your money out more than you would have expected. It is necessary to research about those companies and their reviews to know their authenticity.

  • Check their documentations such as GST details, license, insurance of the company, etc.
  • Go through their websites.
  • Check their working process.
  • Know their years in business
  • Know about their payment terms and quotation breakdown

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Some Essential Things You Need to Do

Although many things will be taken care of by the moving company but there are some things that you will have to do by yourself.

  • Pack an essentials bag – Keep a separate bag for essential items such as toiletries, food items, some clothes, skincare, etc.
  • Pack your precious items – You would never want your valuable items to get misplaced, so it is advised that you pack your precious items by yourself and the keep with you.
  • Manage all the utilities – Utilities such as electricity, water, gas, etc must be taken care of beforehand at your new home so that you do not have any difficulty when you reach there.
  • Clean and prepare the appliances before the move – Moving company might do all your stuff but if you want your appliances in proper condition and want to avoid any damages to them then you must take care of them yourself. Such as defrost your refrigerator at least 48 hours before the move, empty and dry your water purifier, AC trays, water heater, washing machine, etc.
  • Sort out your belongings – You would not want unnecessary things in your new home so it is advised to sort your things out and sell or donate the extra items to reduce your stress.


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