Important Tips for Google Algorithm SEO Trainer Never Forget

Tips for Google Algorithm SEO Trainer Never Forget
San Marcos CA USA - June 14, 2012: Google Panda and Penguin. Google Penguin - Google Penguin is the common name for a change in Google's algorithm update that went live on April 24, 2012. Google is the world's most popular internet search engine.

Google’s algorithm has a number of rules. Therefore, if you want to optimize your content or blog, you need to follow these rules Google places the same blogs and content at the top of the rankings. We have already told you that the algorithm has a filter that completely filters the content and shows the actual content that people are looking for. For leering Google algorithm related to SEO, you can also search for SEO training Lahore.

Tips for When Google Update Algorithms

As such, Google’s algorithm has many rules that are almost impossible to break. However, very quickly, Google itself changes its algorithm. So, to some extent, Google’s algorithm works. But Google has only one goal: to provide people with better content. It is also true that one’s skills cannot affect Google’s algorithm.


An algorithm is a mathematical process that a computer uses to solve a problem or answer a question. Google, which was launched in 1998, is a leading search engine. Search engine algorithms were developed to search for documents on the Internet.

How Many Basic Algorithms of Google SEO Trainer Need to Know?

However, in the meantime, we have learned about important algorithm updates. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The Panda update.
  • The Hummingbird update.
  • Penguin update.
  • Pigeon update.
  • Payday update.
  • Mobilegeddon update.
  • RankBrain update.
  • Update of the exact match domain (EMD).
  • Update on hackers.

What is the Google Panda algorithm?

  1. So, Google’s Panda algorithm update aims to rank relevant content.
  2. This means that low-quality content will have a very negative impact on your ranking and high-quality content will give you a good ranking.

What is Google’s Hummingbird algorithm?

  1. This is a very important update to Google’s search algorithm.
  2. It was introduced in 2001. We will explain how this update works and what its importance is. So, let’s take a look.
  3. The purpose of this update is to fight unwanted content, exclude it and provide consistently better results for the right search queries.
  4. When you enter a specific keyword, you will be presented with many similar keywords.
  5. This makes it easier to search. This is what Kolibri does.
  6. When it comes to keywords, the algorithm has already stored the right results in its database.
  7. Therefore, it suggests the same keywords. This way, people can get better results.
  8. Studies have shown that this algorithm focuses on long-tail keywords and gives them a good position in the search results.
  9. However, it also found that all blogs and websites have quality content – articles with the right information.
  10. People are happy with the results. This has allowed us to get good rankings.
  11. However, nobody knows when and what Google will update. Just like nobody knows when Hummingbird will be updated.
  12. That’s why you should always keep quality content and long keyword tails. You need to pay more attention to it. Only then you will get good results in Google rankings.

What is the Google Penguin algorithm?

  1. Do you know what the Google Penguin update is? We can tell you that this update was introduced in the Google algorithm in 2012. Its purpose is to check the quality of your links.
  2. You don’t have to worry too much about this update. However, if you add fraudulent links to your site, or create backlinks from fraudulent sites, you may encounter the Penguin update.
  3. It is possible that you will encounter the
  4. If so, a few years ago you allowed Google to do this to you. Today, however, Google no longer allows this to happen.
  5. Many people buy other people’s backlinks in order to get your ranking. This is a paid link, and before this update, these links were not allowed.
  6. It is also important to consider where you are creating your backlinks from.
  7. The quality of the content is very low. Therefore, this update will have a bad impact on your site.

Keyword Stuffing

  1. Another point addressed in the update is keyword stuffing.
  2. In other words, you write your target keyword several times in your article.
  3. This also seems to be a mistake.
  4. So, no matter what anyone says, all of these things are under the radar of the Penguin update and you should use them to save your website.

What is the Google Pigeon algorithm?

  1. With all businesses moving to the internet, some people are now doing business with local businesses online as well.
  2. That’s why the Pigeon algorithm was launched in July 2014 to target only local businesses.
  3. So if you are looking for something local, this update will work for you. For example, if you want to know where the nearest hotel or store is located.

What is the “Mobile Gideon” algorithm?

  1. In recent years, the number of people using the internet from mobile devices has increased significantly. In this context, the “Mobile Geddon” algorithm was introduced in 2015.
  2. Previously, you needed a laptop or PC to open a website, but with the introduction of this algorithm, all websites became mobile-friendly. Since then, all websites have become mobile-friendly.
  3. This means that if your website or blog is not mobile-friendly, this algorithm will detect it. That’s why you need to take care of it.

What is the Google Ranking Brain algorithm?

  1. This algorithm does a lot of people’s work by itself. That’s why it was launched in October 2015.
  2. The way the algorithm works is that a website with organic traffic will only be ranked if it is viewed.
  3. Therefore, the ranking of your blog post will automatically go up and down from time to time.
  4. This happens because of an update in Google’s ranking brain. Therefore, we all need to be aware of this update.

Importance of Web Pages

  1. Google uses a number of algorithms, including PageRank, which measures the importance of each web page (the name PageRank comes from Larry Page, software developer and co-founder of Google).
  2. PageRank determines the importance of a website by calculating the number and quality of links to a particular web page and determines its ranking relative to other websites in the same domain or category.
  3. Google believes that more important sites are likely to have more links than others and therefore appear higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  4. PageRank is the most well-known algorithm used by Google. The whole area that uses PageRank is now known as search engine optimization (SEO).

What is Google’s exact match algorithm?

  1. Exact domain matching means that there is no point in buying the same domain name, regardless of the websites you already know.
  2. If you buy a similar domain name, such as or, you may be penalized by this algorithm. That’s why you have to take care of it.

What is the Google hacking algorithm?

  1. It means that you have to work hard to do your job. And many of us create our own identity by producing and uploading images, music, photos, software and movies on the internet.
  2. But some people copy things here and there without any effort when they post them on their website or blog.
  3. This is very common.
  4. Only when we notice this, our piracy algorithms are updated. This way, we can reduce the copying of content.
  5. Therefore, it is also a crime. Therefore, you should not do this and create your own content.

Why does Google update its algorithms so frequently?

  1. Google is constantly releasing updates to its algorithms in order to maintain its superb online advertising and search services.
  2. Many things can go wrong when running an online business, causing it to close its doors unexpectedly.
  3. When this happens to a store, it’s easy to see that it has officially closed its doors. But how do you know if an online business is still in business or not?

How many times in a year does google change its algorithms?

  1. Google’s algorithm changes about 450 to 650 times per calendar year, at least once a day.
  2. These changes are designed to make searches more relevant to users.
  3. Most of the changes are minor and usually do not have a noticeable impact on a website’s ranking.
  4. Google has been improving its search engine for nearly 20 years and it is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

How to Manage our Website Using Google Algorithms?

  1. Major updates, both named and unnamed, are released regularly. Search engine optimization service providers use their resources to calculate the impact of each change on the websites they manage.
  2. For e-commerce sites, in particular, the stakes are high. If you create and manage your site according to best practices, with an emphasis on unique content and simple navigation, you will rank well.
  3. Does this mean I have to change my SEO strategy every time Google releases a new algorithm update?
  4. While it’s good to pay attention to these updates, you shouldn’t be afraid to change your entire SEO campaign.
  5. Google’s algorithm updates represent new ranking opportunities and criteria that SEOs must adhere to, which is why SEO is an ongoing strategy.
  6. That’s where the “bots” come in!

Tips For Google Crawler Come to Your Website

  1. Google has “crawlers” that discover and inspect websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. If Google’s bots can’t access your website, it will never be indexed. This means that if Google can’t see the content on your site, it won’t be able to rank it either.
  3. You can avoid all of this stress by applying technical SEO strategies to ensure that your website is visible to crawlers, loads quickly, and accurately represents your brand image.


  1. Once your website is discoverable, crawlers will analyze your business layout and structure, indicating how Google should evaluate and rank your website.
  2. Cues such as breadcrumbs, structured markup and sitemap can help guide bots through your content, indicating the most important pages and blocking those that Google should ignore.


What makes Google better than Bing, among other search engines, is the speed, accuracy and quality of the content it provides on its search results page.

Result Pages

If the search results page shows links to websites that have little to do with what you actually searched for, or if the results display takes too long, wouldn’t you try another service?

Final Words

That being said, Google looks for the best content available online, so we can say that “content is king”! Quality content should be useful, informative, readable and digestible, not superfluous.

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