Importance of every kid learning coding

coding for kids

Many years ago, children got introduced to the world of coding for kidsThere was a lot of hype worldwide because the new idea had generated a lot of traction. Everyone has gone this far in their journey and has come to see so many changes in coding. 


Coding Curriculum has changed drastically from the time it started to what it is now. Many parents have seen how coding has changed their lives completely to a 360 degree. Many more parents are taking the initiative to enroll their kids in coding. Parents have seen the results for their friend’s and relative’s children doing well in their coding careers. 


The best part is that kids have better job opportunities with coding now and future. They can also connect with other skills required to sustain themselves in the long run. The skills are logical thinker, problem solver, creative, analytical and many more. 


There are important points one should consider for kids to learn to code. 


Increase in Demand for Coders: There is a great demand for coders worldwide. As new technology advancements occur, more and more new software keeps coming to the market. There will be a growing need for coders to give the desired results with pinpoint accuracy. 


Opportunities to apply to colleges and internships: If the kid has acquired a good skill and uses it even in college days. You will automatically contact your recruiters as they will pick you up and prefer you more than other college students. There is a good chance you will be way ahead of your colleagues. Coding Curriculum keeps updating itself as new technology advancements keep taking place in the near future. 


Understanding student improvements:  Many people are still unaware of how mobile headsets, tabs, and computers work. Having a good basic knowledge of coding will help regularly understand the technologies used in the houses. It will help open up a world of infinite opportunities in coding. 


Coding brings out the best: Coding makes you think on your feet and opens a world of opportunity for you in the field of coding. If you are aware of how to code, you can work on developing apps, games and software for the use of everyone. 


There are some great benefits of doing the coding. They are as follows: 


  1. Makes you creative: Coding makes a child creative in every aspect of life. When working on a test, children work on ways to figure out the solution for the problem. That helps in bringing out the creativity of the child. Children have to keep working on getting their creativity for a viable solution. If the first solution does not work, they can try another one. If the second solution does not work, they can try another one. So on and so forth until the solution is the right one. Coding develops the brain’s thinking capacity as everything depends on a person’s thinking capacity. 
  2. Helps solve a problem: Every problem is an opportunity for a solution. It is up to us to find a viable solution for the problem. Every problem makes the child think and work on finding a solution. After solving every problem, children become much more confident in their work. That helps them develop the confidence to do more work by taking on many tasks and finding a viable solution. Every parent wants to make their child an excellent problem solver. Someone who can work on finding solutions for himself. That will assure the parents that everything is fine with their child and is doing well in coding. Opportunities are endless in the world of coding for kids to make a difference in their lives. 
  3. Work in a Team: Students get an opportunity to work on projects as a team. Children get to connect with other children and negotiate on many other aspects of the coding project. That helps children develop other skills required in the long run to become a professional in their job. 
  4. Better skills for presentation: Once the coding projects get over, every student has to give a presentation related to the project they worked on and built. Presentations help the student develop self-confidence in themselves. Students can bring out the best and share their valuable insight into the project they worked upon. Children get to share better ideas with their classmates. 
  5. Developing Empathy: When a product is designed for others to use and share their experience. You come to know the psychology of the people using the product for their benefit. Understanding their experience and how to make it a worthwhile experience for them requires empathy towards others. 
  6. Building Resilience: Not every time will it succeed in the coding field. Sometimes the result will come way better than expected. Sometimes the result will not come as expected or even worse. It is vital to bounce back from that situation and keep the learning mode on for better outcomes. Coding is not a one-time process. It requires a child to keep trying to get the results. Coding helps children learn from their mistakes and change them to better solutions. 
  7. Builds product: Every new learning of coding allows a child to develop the skills needed to create a new product for his family and friends. 
  8. Same-thinking friends: Children want to get into the same company to connect with children of similar interests. Children prefer to make friends with those children who know a particular subject. That could include coding as well for their growth. 



The world of coding for kids will make children a better version of themselves. Children are quick learners and are very smart in today’s time. It is the responsibility of parents to encourage them to do better in every part of life. Children need love & support from their parents and extended family members to make their life good. That love and support can make the child grow and progress rapidly. Parents have to enroll their kids in coding for a better future with true love and support for their kids. 



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