Importance of custom animation videos for businesses in 2022


Do you want to improve your internet visibility? What about creating your own custom video? Users on social media post videos more frequently than text and pictures. It can also significantly increase the sales of online retailers.

Custom videos for business are an excellent way to share your vision and mission, show the human aspect of your company, and express very complex ideas in a quick and simple way. Custom animated videos are a vivid, engaging technique that is inexpensive, simple to administer, and will make your important points stand out. All in just a few seconds.

Why custom animated videos are so important?

1.    More people will watch and share it

When it comes to online information consumption, consumers will almost always prefer watching a video over reading. You will undoubtedly share something you saw and enjoyed. A good video creates a fertile field for instant word-of-mouth marketing by enticing most users to share it with their friends and family.

Prospects will watch and share your wonderful custom video if you create one with excellent content. In other words, your own audience will serve as exciting marketers for your business. Custom animated videos are also less expensive than other kinds of videos.

Live-action videos necessitate a more expensive set of logistics: you must recruit performers, scout for locations, plan a shooting schedule, engage a crew, purchase or rent equipment, develop post-production, and in certain circumstances, hire animators and graphic designers.

2.    Create an impact and engage the audience

Explainer videos tend to last a long time since the chances of remembering what you saw on video are significantly higher than remembering something you read in text. The reasoning is simple: our minds are designed to process an image many times faster than a set of printed words. The brain is capable of retaining information more effectively as compared to something written on paper.

These videos have the ability to transform something intended for promotional goals into something intriguing. After all, this is what “engaging” means: convincing someone who is watching you, to do something that will benefit your business. Your viewers may not technically follow your call to action, but they will learn more about your product and feel connected to your business. This suggests that they may not buy your goods right now, but they are quite likely to do so in the near future.

Just remember to create entertaining characters, use your brand’s colors effectively, and convey your story straight to your audience’s hearts. You may accomplish all of this by creating a custom animated video, which will benefit both your audience and your brand. That way, your visitors will be able to identify with your business, come closer to your offer, and follow the path to purchasing your product.

3.    Google and YouTube are made for this


·       Google

You can make marketing videos more appealing to Google. And you should do it since Google is by far the most significant search engine of all. Just be sure to provide a brief description of your film, a catchy title, and useful tags.

Please keep in mind that a webpage with a video on it can attract up to a thousand monthly visitors, who will double their time spent on the site, resulting in an increase in traffic from search engines. Furthermore, when comparing a website containing a video to one with merely textual material, the average number of linked domains is multiplied by three.

Explainer videos have the potential to be appealing to Google. These custom videos have the added bonus of captivating potential consumers. How? Because they were developed with the audience’s needs in mind, creating a tale with characters that are relatable to your viewers.

·       YouTube

Another search engine to consider is YouTube, so make an effort to make your animated video appealing to it as well. As a result, practically every marketer is researching smart keyword tagging strategies on YouTube. When individuals search for material, particular entries are created.

Viewers are already enthralled by videos. The fact is that having marketing videos on your website will make it much more impressive. Viewers may come across your video without even realizing it. One of the best things about having your video on YouTube is that it may operate as a self-contained marketing unit. Your viewers may get a good impression of your business just by watching your video – there’s no need to go to your website first.

4.    More conversions and sales

It’s no surprise that marketers believe video content drives more conversions than any other sort of content. Firms that use videos in their marketing initiatives receive more search engine traffic than businesses that do not. Another fascinating fact: landing pages with video can increase conversions by a factor of ten.

The reason for greater sales and conversions is simple: explainer films have the capacity to get right to the heart of your audience’s concerns. Your video will link your tale and your viewers if you were able to build intriguing and appealing characters who can communicate a strong message through animation. That fixture will pave the route for your brand to gain credibility. This is the kind of quality that will entice your target market to buy your product. Finally, a unique, high-quality, and moving video will increase sales.

5.    Enhanced email marketing

The power of email marketing must not be underestimated. If done correctly, it will undoubtedly increase visitors to your site. Including a well-designed animated video will boost traffic by nearly half a percent, with the added bonus of enhancing the rest of your marketing tools. Additionally, simply including the term “video” in an email subject increases click-through rates.


All of these victories are possible if you follow guidelines.  Create a YouTube channel for your business and post one video to it on a regular basis, embedding it in any aspect of your website that you can. We also strongly advise you to make a custom video that tells your company’s story in a concise, clear, and entertaining manner. When it comes to promoting your business to whoever is watching, this generic video works wonders.

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