Impact of education on crime reduction and earnings


Studies have shown that there is a negative relationship between education and crime rate. The increase in the education level and quality reduces violence and crimes significantly. The battle to combat the violence and the savage acts is a constant one. Many different aspects of research has tried to explain the root of crime and violence and presented their own ideal and theories.

Increasing crime rates – Reasons & prevention through education

But for now, the most important factor behind the prevalence of crime in our society is the low standard and poor utilization of education by the people belonging to different areas and groups of life. There is no one nation or country in the world where the crime has never existed or exists. The questions related to crimes have put forward many different types of correction mechanisms and prevention strategies.
Education is seen as a crime reduction process. The utilization of education is very relevant for the effective policies related to the reduction of crimes. The crime is seen to be the preventive measure for crime and subsequently crime control. The educational process of crime correction can be beneficial, not only for the social means, such as violence but also for the economic means, such as less money spent on correction training and facilities. For more convenience, we can also use the internet to create awareness and can take help from different cheapest essay writing services to write persuasive social media posts and to create awareness while covering mass audiences.

Bringing psychology into play- Psychological development of children

In any instance, if the child is brought up in the environment with violence and abuse, the mental health development of the child is hindered and obstruct. The result becomes more intense and distorted if they do not have any access to educational facility of related staff. The chances of them becoming young delinquents and criminals are much higher than normal children.
The first line of defense for crime prevention is the harsher punishment, isolation, with no difference related to the age group, mental health or context to the crime. The motive behind or the context of the crime is rarely accessed or identified. Hence, it is important to concentrate more on the development of education and measures which will hopefully help the children to avoid crimes when they get older. The increased focus on education and training, as well as support from the surrounding, provide the concrete solution for such problems.
Education can help in modeling the individual and built their character, good moral values and ethics from an early age, from the family, friends and by extension, from the whole society, can help an individual to grow into a complete and well-nurtured citizen. These values and judgment, which people learn, consciously and sub-consciously, can help people to become more responsible and active in their society.


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