Ideas to transform the extra room in your house


Everyone appreciates some little extra space. Whether you are a nuclear family or a joint family, there are always too many ideas regarding what to do with that one extra room in the house. Starting from the room colour to the interior, there are many ways you can utilize that extra space. Here are a few ideas you can use to transform that room in your house.

  1. Guestroom.

    –Charm your guests with a quaint room for their comfort. Get muted colours and elegant art to cover the walls. You can make it interesting by adding a chandelier on the ceiling or an accent wall in the room. Make a corner for reading a book or keep some additional seating space by the foot of the bed. Add a couple of side tables and a study desk or a credenza in front of the bed to keep some of your favourite art.

  2. Entertainment room 

    – When you think of an entertainment room, the possibilities are endless. You can go with neutral colours and a home theatre system or an 80s theme and a pool table. You can have the exposed brick pattern on a wall and create a cosy ambience with some lights and framed posters. If you are unable to settle on one theme then you divide the room into parts using appropriate lighting and add a painting corner if you are artsy. Just add a dart board on a wall and you have a fantastic game   share with your buddies.

  3. Library 

    – You might think that a library can be a boring place, but the version can be redefined by your needs. You can have adjacent walls of books with textures painted on the other walls. You can get an estimate of the painting cost using a paint calculator. You can combine a library with a game room with arcade games for fun. The walls can also  decorate with references from popular books and novels. If you are a fan, you can also get murals done on walls to accentuate the theme you are going for.

  4. Home office 

    – Pandemic has forced most of us to be confined to our houses even for work. Use this opportunity to create a productive corner for yourself and make a home office. Get a desk with a chair and extra seating. The latest trend for home offices is to colour the walls a matte black or bottle green or cobalt blue. These dark colours can be intimidating and formal. You can combine these walls with leather interior and art which has a white base. Get armchairs for the company you may expect and keep a few side tables handy to hold the beverages you may serve.

  5. Dressing room or closet 

    – Live the dream by creating a walk-in closet for yourself in that extra space. It is a great way to preserve all the leather bags and shoes together along with seasonal clothes like coats and fur. The closet is a great idea because it can cater to the needs of everyone in the house. Get a full-length mirror and add a pop of freshness with a potted plant in the corners. Try keeping the tones on the walls neutral to ensure you know exactly what you look like when you are trying on clothes. Make provisions for holding your accessories and you can even have mood lighting put in to take a look at your clothes in different lighting.


Apart from this, you can also think of creating an art room where you can practice yoga, paint, dance, and let your creative side free. If you are not the kind to go for this, then you can have a bar set up in the room. If you have an extra room, you only limit from your imagination!


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