Hybrid CL draw for the next season; the top two teams can’t play until the final


The Champions League is going to have a new arrangement starting with the next season. This will give us a new way to look at the usual drawings for the competition. As of now, Sky Sports says that the hybrid draw will use a machine. For this reason, the draw will take 900 balls and three to four hours to finish under the new rules if it is done the same way it has always been. This is the reason why the process will change. First, clubs will be chosen by hand. Then, from the 36 teams, a computer will pick out their eight league foes. In order to stop charges of draw manipulation, UEFA says that the automatic parts will still be checked by a third party.
This means that the whole process will take about 35 minutes.

The program that will handle the digital part of the game is being made by a software developer in England. Two backup software tools will also be there, and the draw will be checked out.

It’s also important to know that the first and second-place teams in the first part of the tournament will not play each other until the final. The first team will be put in one half of the 1/8-finals draw, and the second team will be put in the other. This rule says that the top four teams can’t play each other until the playoffs. The goal is to get teams to aim for the highest league rating instead of just having a spot in the top eight. The Conference League and the Europa League will both be run in the same way.

Inter, who won the Champions League last year, will have another chance to win the title. And yet, the Nerazzurri already face a tough opponent in the eighth-final stage. They are ahead by one goal because they played their game at home. Marko Arnautovic scored a late goal to give Inter a 1-0 win on February 20, but the result could have and should have been much more clear-cut.The ‘Dusekci’ fired seven bullets in return, but none of them hit their target. It’s interesting to see that Inter is still the favorite to win in Madrid, but this makes sense given how inconsistent Real Madrid has been.

Without a question, Atletico Madrid is not good enough to play against the best teams in Europe. Since February, the team has played nine competitive games in all tournaments and has only won two. They have also lost as many as five games. I was shocked by the last one. On Saturday, Atletico lost 0:2 on the road to Cadiz in La Liga. They are now only two points ahead of Athletic Bilbao in the race for fourth place.

On the other hand, Inter kept up their great play and won everything. It’s been thirteen games in a row for the Nerazzurri, making them the team in the big leagues with the longest winning streak. Milan is in second place, 16 points behind, so it looks like they will easily win Serie A at this time. Over the weekend, Inter beat Bologna 1-0 away.

The actions on and off the field show that the team as a whole is at the highest level for Italy’s possible winner. Even though I don’t think anything will change today, Diego Simeone’s team is good enough to beat any team in a perfect game. There is only one goal that is different. Personally, I don’t think that will happen. Instead, I think that Inzaghi will be able to trick his opponent in the coaching fight once more, thanks to his smart football and strong defense.

Atletico Madrid, led by Diego Simeone, is known for playing more aggressive football, and players often show how nervous they are on the field. In a game that isn’t going their way, I think that will happen today. The Dushechi got four yellow cards in Italy, and they got five against Cadiz over the weekend. It will be very important for the other team to quickly switch from defense to attack, even if the host doesn’t lose control. Because there are more attacking lines, Atletico’s players will have to break rules about strategy.

People don’t think that Borussia Dortmund and PSV will win the Champions League, and they will be huge losers in the next round. However, the fact that they will play each other in the eighth final is interesting. For one of them, making it through this round would be a win, and their chances look about the same. In the first game, which took place in Aindhoven, the hosts tied the score with a penalty kick in the 56th minute. Even though they were the more aggressive team on the field, the Dortmund guests did well enough to win.

As with the first match against PSV in February, the odds favor Borussia a little more in this one. There is no question that the Germans have more experience than the other team in the tournament. They won the group of death in the fall, after all. It’s been seven games since they lost at home in the Champions League. But PSV has only lost two games this season, and one of those was against Arsenal in London during the group stage.

Dortmund comes into today’s game having won their last two Bundesliga games, which kept them in the Top 4, but only one point ahead of RB Leipzig in fifth place. In these games, both the opponents and the wins over Werder and Union Berlin were tough. Though PSV only beat G.A. Eagles 1-0 away over the weekend, they are still ten points ahead of Feyenoord at the top of the table.

This pair looked like it might be the most difficult of the eight eighth-final pairs before the second game in Dortmund. There is a favorite in this game, but PSV has the upper hand because they have won all of their games in the Eridivisie and can focus on this one game alone.

Even though the game is expected to end in a tie, I expect a tactical clash after the tie in Eindhoven last week. Dortmund will probably be looking for a goal from the locker room, but I think that they will soon be able to relax. The game will then pick up a steady pace, which will make it take longer for the first goal to be scored. Live predictions from tips/bet were accurate at most of the games. You are permitted to follow them into the following game.

Arsenal, which is in first place in the Premier League, will be trying to beat Porto at the Emirates in a rematch of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. Arsenal will be driven by their win in England. “The Gunners need to come back from being down by one goal after losing at Estádio do Dragao three weeks ago with an injury-time goal in the last seconds.”
The “Ballers” have been playing very well in the Premier League since the beginning of 2024, so Mikel Arteta’s team was hoping for a better game than the one they had in Portugal. It was impossible for Arsenal players to make a clean shot in this game.The Gunners have been out of the game seven times in a row in the 1/8-finals. They need to start scoring goals again if they want to break this streak. Arsenal has only won the last 10 CL games after losing the first leg once. But that was during the 2009–10 season, when they played Porto. Back then, the Londoners lost the first leg by a score of 1:2, but beat the Dragons 5:0 in the second leg and made it to the quarterfinals of the competition.

Porto has lost all 22 of their away games in England so far. For the record, the Dragons, who are currently in third place in the Portuguese Championship, have lost their last three games at the Emirates without scoring a single goal. The difference in goals scored was 11-0.

All three of Arsenal’s home games in the group stage of the Champions League this season were wins by a score of 12-0. Porto, on the other hand, has won six straight games in every competition.

Takehiro Tomiyasu and Gabriel Martinelli are still not sure if they will be able to compete in the rematch, and Julien Timber is still recovering from a bad injury he got early in the season. Ivan Marcano and Zaidou Sanusi are going to Porto. Mehdi Taremi is set to play in the Emirates match after being hurt in the first game


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