How You Can Earn As An Online Math Tutor?

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Working online trend is increasing rapidly over the globe. If you are capable of teaching any subject, then thousands of doors are open for you.

As you know, math is a complex subject but still helpful for tutors to earn money. Well, you can also teach as an online math tutor. It gives opportunities to make money through online tutoring.

We have enlisted the most preferred points to remember when earning an online math tutor. Take a look!

Steps for becoming an online math tutor

The first step is becoming a successful online math tutor. Start with researching!

Try to find websites that have different types of structuring, functions, and criteria. When you are confident about knowledge, you can get many options. So, choose the right tuition agencies website for yourself.

After creating an account on the chosen platform, make your profile consisting of all information. Now it’s time to consider the technology that an online tuition agency uses. It will help you to make user-friendly online classrooms and deliver your lectures. Make sure to check the cost and payment structure of all services. It’s important to advertise your services to get more students.

Required qualification for a math tutor

First and foremost, to become an online math tutor, you should be a pro in math subjects.

For teaching online, you don’t require a specific degree in math. However, you must have a natural aptitude for math and a strong understanding of a particular subject. If you have teaching experience, then it’s a plus point. Still, if you feel like brushing up skills, there are many programs regarding tutor training available online.

More required skills are proficiency in English, good listening ability, good communication, flexibility in approach, and familiarity with IT skills because you need to navigate online teaching platforms.

Role of degree in math tutoring

Well, you need to have a graduation or post-graduation degree to be able to teach math. But if you don’t have a degree in teaching online, there are several companies you can connect with.

You need to browse them!

How much does an online math tutor earn?

What you make as an online math tutor will depend on several factors, such as your expertise, the company you work with, and the level and complexity of the math you will be teaching.

On average the online tutor can make $20 to $25 for one hour. As you are paid by the hour for online math tutoring, the more hours you work, the more you will earn.

1. Charges of online tutor

The amount a math tutor is charging totally depends on the level.

The first thing to consider is checking your competition in the field. Then the second one is, the level of math you are going to teach. 

EdPlace’s UK survey says that the charges of tutors vary widely. And it depends on the level and complexity of math as well as the age of kids they are teaching.

Remember, most probably, the charges of in-person tutoring and online tutoring are the same.

When deciding on a price, consider your desired annual expenses, annual income, and total hours of teaching must be kept in mind.

2. Hourly rates

The average amount an online math tutor gets is approx $20. But there are many websites where you can earn more than $25 for an hour.

3. Charges of tutoring elementary

As you know, for clearing concepts and making a base, elementary education needs to be strong. The charges differ from $20 for one hour to $75 one hour. The high price is for only those tutors who are experienced and have university degrees.

4. Charges for tutoring to school students

The charges for elementary students are very high. But it gets lower when tutoring school students. Also, charges depend on the level of experience a tutor has. The price for school students is approx $30 to $55 for one hour. 

5. The high school tutoring rates

For a math tutor, high school tutoring is not an easy task. As you know, it consists of the preparation of SATs as well as other exams. The average per hour rate for high school tutoring is approx $40, but it can reach $85 for one hour.

The price of high school math tutoring might depend on a particular subject to be taught. For example, Algebra is cheaper than Trigonometry and Statistics.

Tutoring business from your home

For starting a business as an online math tutor, you need to start with planning. First of all, the plan should be focused on researching the competition, companies similar to your services, and pricing accordingly.

Undoubtedly, a business plan allows you to earn more as a math tutor.

For more success, start your own and devote your valuable time to it. Try to do the promotion and advertising of your business. Developing a strong online presence over social media channels is effective for reaching out to your target audience or existing customers.

Math tutoring from home

Initially, to become a successful online math tutor, you should decide on your business model. There are two ways to start math tutoring at home.

  • The first one is, buy a business or tutoring franchise.
  • The second is to sign up to work as a contractor (many available options will be there).

Whether you choose option one or two, do work on marketing and developing your tutoring services. Then, you must get the technology and tools for teaching lessons.  Stay up-to-date with the newest teaching trends and methods.

Does a math tutor need a license?

Absolutely no! Online tutors don’t need any license for running a tutoring business. Anyone can make money from teaching maths as a tuition agency or an individual.

But you need to register your online business according to the properly declared taxes and local laws.

Final Words 

Being a student, college grad, professional, or teacher, tutoring math is not a challenging task with appropriate knowledge. Having great communication skills means you can teach students in a meaningful and effective way.

As a math tutor, you can run a business and earn more profit. Just keep the above-listed important points in your mind.


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