How Virtual Employee Outsourcing Services Can Benefit Your Business?

Virtual staff outsourcing

Business outsourcing services are primarily designed to be a cost management strategy for clients. It has been observed that businesses that outsource make cost savings of up to 40% on average. In the new millennium, the concept of business outsourcing has evolved to encompass various services such as virtual staffing. Hiring virtual employees allows businesses to effect improvements in operations and revenue generation. Here are some benefits of adopting virtual staffing solutions. 

Delivers Considerable Cost Savings

Virtual staff outsourcing involves hiring people who work online on specified tasks or specified projects from a remote location. While a regular office employee in the US will cost around $20 an hour, the cost of hiring a virtual employee in India or the Philippines works out to between $4 to $10 depending on the employee’s skills and experience. This is possible due to the economies of scale and comparative cost advantages available in these countries. Moreover, virtual employees are not exclusive to your campaign and are not entitled to either government benefits or company mandated benefits like your regular office employees. Much like business outsourcing services, virtual staffing services deliver considerable cost savings. 

Helps in Expanding Operations

Almost any business, irrespective of industry, scale and size, can benefit from virtual employee outsourcing. This staffing model is even more beneficial to SMEs and start-ups that have limited budgets and limited access to capital. A small business owner looking to expand operations or upgrade services may find it difficult to access the capital required for these activities. In such a situation, hiring virtual employees is a good solution that allows business owners to take up development activities with a limited budget. For example, a small advertising agency looking to offer online marketing solutions to clients but lacking in-house resources to offer such solutions may consider hiring a virtual online marketer to keep clients happy and generate an additional revenue stream. 

Delivers Optimized Productivity

Virtual staff outsourcing can increase the overall productivity of your organization. Your regular office employees get paid for eight-hour shifts, but how much productivity do they generate during those eight hours? Some studies suggest just ninety minutes worth of productivity! What happens during the remaining time? Think about how much time is wasted on surfing the internet, coffee- breaks, socializing with co-workers and you will have your answer. On the other hand, virtual employees are paid based on the number of productive hours they work. When you hire virtual staff, you can measure their productivity based on benchmarks set by you – the client – or specific tasks accomplished. In this sense, virtual staffing provides immense value for your investment. 

Helps Improve Business Management Processes

The time zone difference you get when you hire virtual employees in the Philippines or India is another advantage. Typically, regular office employees work during business hours and there is no one to manage your business till they return the next day. With virtual employee outsourcing, you can have your business managed during non-working hours as well. For example, a client in the US who hires a virtual assistant in India can designate tasks such as answering phone calls, e-mails or enquiries that come for the client in the US. Thanks to the time difference, the virtual assistant would be working the morning shift in India and would be able to provide efficient services. This is a great solution to have your business covered 24/7 so that you don’t miss out on any business opportunity or an opportunity to serve existing customers. 

Allows You to Focus on Core Competence

Business outsourcing services help you save time and use your time most effectively. There are many mundane tasks such as answering phone calls, replying to e-mails, CRM work and other administrative tasks that require attention but which eat away into precious time that you could spend on more important activities. With a virtual assistant, you can have someone to handle ongoing administrative tasks and you are free to devote your limited time to issues that require your attention and core capabilities. Since the virtual assistant will be dedicated to the task assigned by you, you can be assured of diligence and can expect the work to be carried out perfectly. 

Provides Support Services in Various Areas

Earlier, virtual employees and virtual assistants provided simple solutions such as secretarial services and personal assistant services. However, the scope of virtual assistance has evolved significantly and today you can find virtual employees with a wide range of skills and higher-order competence. Nowadays, you can hire virtual employees for various services including accounting, administrative tasks, website management, social media management and much more. With the virtual staffing model, you can have all the support services you need to run and promote your business – and that too with affordable pricing. 

In the event that we want to search down the best virtual employee for our business, India, the Philippines and the U.S. are the three best nations where virtual staffing is most famous on the grounds that individuals around there are more familiar with English. They can embrace any new guidance rapidly and reacts quicker to their clients. Remote helper isn’t simply viewed as a pattern yet, in addition, a requirement for the organizations to flourish in the consistently evolving market. Presently, it has turned into a worldwide peculiarity for each business. For organizations to flourish in this serious market, it is critical to choose the organization that lays more noteworthy accentuation on responsibility. Thus, a virtual staff will be the next large advance for any business to succeed.

The most important thing is that if you have virtual staff or employees then you should know how to surveillance them. This one will be the biggest challenge to keep the eye on their working hours and productivity. You can make use of technology as there are many tracking software to know whether your virtual staff working or not.

If you are interested in increasing productivity, enhancing organizational efficiency and promoting revenue growth for your business while keeping costs manageable, get in touch with a reputed agency offering virtual staffing solutions!


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