How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Invitation [Template]


Imagine you are at a networking occasion. You’re milling around and meeting human beings, cheese cube plate hand, Get Linkedin Likes whilst you spot a person across the room. Oh! Is that the female who wrote that extremely good article in Business Insider? You walk up to her, increase your hand, and say (drum roll please):

“I’d like to feature you to my expert network.”

Sounds ridiculous, proper? That would by no means appear in actual lifestyles. So why could you invite someone to connect on get LinkedIn likes with an advent like that?

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When you want to connect with someone professionally, mainly a person who would not virtually know you, you want to introduce your self and provide an explanation for why you need to connect with them. Were you stimulated by using their today’s article or weblog put up? Did you need to pitch a co-advertising partnership with them? Are they ideal for a activity starting at your workplace?

Your message have to show them which you truely care approximately connecting with them — you weren’t simply trolling LinkedIn, hoping to get your connections beyond the 500 mark. Otherwise, you have overlooked an opportunity to connect on a deeper, greater private level. (Plus, I recognize masses of individuals who ignore each non-personalized LinkedIn request.)

So, what does a great custom LinkedIn invitation clearly appear like? Check out our instance beneath to discover. (You simplest have three hundred characters, so cause them to be counted!)

1) Professional Photo

Your profile image is the first aspect a person sees in your LinkedIn invitation, so make it a good one. Be sure you are the best person within the photograph, you have not simply cropped your self out of a set picture, it is now not a selfie, and also you appearance professional. And please, no creepy profile snap shots.

2) Personalized Greeting

Begin your message with a “Dear [name]” or “Hi [name]” — and ensure you’ve spelled their name efficaciously.

3) How You Know Them

Did you chat at a convention? Did a friend recommend that the 2 of you connect? Are you following every other on Twitter? Remind the character how s/he is aware of you somewhere in the message.

4) Why You’d Like to Connect

It’s clearly essential to give an explanation for why you need to connect with them so that they do not suppose you are just out to growth your quantity of connections.

5) What You Do

Even if you’ve met the man or woman earlier than, there’s a threat they might not consider who you are. Always encompass a one- or -sentence tidbit on what you do.

6) Kind Parting Words

It’s always great to include a few kind parting words approximately their work, activity enjoy, or organisation.

7) Sign Off

Don’t neglect a heat sign-off! It’s a small detail which can make your invitation experience a whole lot more welcoming and private.

Whether you are recruiting a person, complimenting them on their work, or telling them how plenty you enjoyed meeting them at the day gone by’s occasion, a personalized LinkedIn message with the factors we indexed above can move an extended manner.

What different recommendations do you have for growing LinkedIn invites people will want to accept?


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