How To Write Blog Posts 5x Faster


Nowadays many companies and some popular bloggers are using AI writers to generate blog posts at scale.

This way they can save time and resources on generating content that is customized to the audience.

The bloggers usually use AI writing tools for their blogs since there are many jobs that require more skills than just writing skills. But even if you don’t have any skills in marketing, you can still use them to write your blog posts.

6 Best Tips To Improve Blog Posts Writing Speed

1. Prepare an outline

The outline for a blog post is the foundation of your writing and can help you to write posts in record time and in a more streamlined way.

An outline can be a great tool to help you write blog posts faster. It will help you organize your ideas and research in a way that will make it easier for you to plan and draft your content. Ultimately, outlining will save you time and provide a higher quality of content to your audience.

I personally use the Rytr AI tool to prepare a blog outline in a few seconds. You can also use the free version of Rytr to prepare a blog outline. If you want to go premium then you can apply the Rytr coupon code to get a discount and save money.

2. Use speech to text converters

Speech to text is a much more practical tool for people who want to write blog posts much faster. This article will explore how it can be used and the benefits that come with using this tool.

Benefits of using speech to text:

  • Speech recognition for blogs is becoming much more accurate every day due to the rise in artificial intelligence.
  • It’s faster than typing, which can save a lot of time for bloggers on busy days where they have little time to write.
  • Speeding up blogging with speech recognition can be done by simply talking into your phone or laptop or any other device that has built-in speech recognition software.
  • It’s possible to have an accurate transcription of your recorded voice by pressing a button on your recorded audio file.

3. Set a deadline

When we need to write a blog post, we can set a deadline and make it public to other members of our team. We can also assign them tasks to complete for the blog post. This way, you will have done the writing in a day or two.

Deadline will definitely help you to push yourself and write blog posts faster.

4. Don’t edit while writing

Don’t edit while writing, just write. If you’re trying to edit while writing a blog post for your company, you may find yourself editing and going back and forth between different word processors, tools, and even different devices. This can be a huge time-sink in the process of writing a blog post in the first place.

It’s much better if you can just get in a zone when you’re writing your blog posts. Simply write what comes to mind when you’re thinking about your post topic, then edit later when it’s time to do that.

5. Improve your typing speed

It might appear like an easy decision, yet many individuals never at any point attempt to deal with further developing their composing speed, and that is a genuine disgrace.

How might you want to possibly twofold your composing speed? That’s right, that is conceivable assuming you figure out how to type quickly.

Things being what they are, how to type quicker, then, at that point?

There are a ton of projects you can use to evaluate your composing speed and further develop it. Any program will turn out great as long as it additionally considers exactness. You really want to figure out how to type with both speed and exactness, as errors can truly dial you back.

It’s really suggested that you compose without altering and return and do your altering later. Altering halfway can really cause a mental obstacle in certain individuals, yet assuming that you are a tenacious halfway proofreader, figuring out how to type with both speed and exactness can decrease the occasions grammatical mistakes divert you.

Regardless of whether you think your composing speed is acceptable, it can most likely still be improved. Regardless of whether you have a cerebrum that works rapidly and the thoughts stream quickly, it will not really benefit you for sure assuming your fingers can’t keep up to get those words down on the page!

Continue rehearsing your composing and measure and track your results. The more you further develop your composing velocity and precision, the quicker you’ll compose. What’s more that implies you’ll have more opportunity to spend on arranging and showcasing your substance.

6. Eliminate Distractions

Interruptions are a colossal issue for any blogger or essayist, and once in a while, we don’t see they’re there. Along these lines, to compose blog entries quicker, it’s an ideal opportunity to do a little examination and see what’s going on in your environmental factors while you compose.

The key is to prepare yourself to dispose of these interruptions so you can focus on your composing without allowing anything to remove your consideration from it.

Something significant to remember: you don’t need to compose continually the entire day.

All things being equal, it’s a superior plan to separate your composing into more modest pieces during the day. At whatever point you can wipe out most interruptions, you can further develop your composing speed the most.


I will admit it, sometimes I get writer’s block. I don’t know what to write about or what to focus on. And then I remember that there is an AI writing assistant at my disposal.

I don’t have to think of how to generate ideas, the AI assistant can do that for me, and it does it really well. All I have to do is follow the prompts and take my time with the content if necessary. So now instead of wasting time on something I’m not good at – creativity or emotions – I can focus on being a better writer instead.


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