How to Write Acknowledgement for Dissertation ?



An acknowledgment for a dissertation is written to thank all individuals and academic departments who helped you write a dissertation. Here you thank your funding, dissertation supervisors and other academics, and relatives and friends who assisted you with your study. The acknowledgment is one page long and follows the dissertation title page.

An acknowledgment for a dissertation has no set structure. Begin by thanking everyone who assisted you. A disclosure is more personal than a formal letter, and it should be written in the first person. You can mention people, places, or things. Professional acknowledgements come first, followed by personal declarations. In some acknowledgements, you may thank the person, while you might expound on their assistance in others.

Who to thank in Dissertation Acknowledgement?

Professional acknowledgements include:

  • ChairPerson
  • Committee
  • Funders
  • Supervisors
  • Professors
  • Colleagues
  • Generalists and specialists
  • Editors
  • Proof-readers
  • Lab helpers
  • Academics
  • Professionals
  • Classmates who helped out
  • Study subjects
  • Mention whether an authoritative figure offered you helpful advice.

Personal Acknowledgements:

  • Your spouse
  • Friends and family who inspired or contributed
  • Any other person that inspired or mentored you academically
  • You can also thank God.

How Long Should My acknowledgements be?

The length varies, and some portions are only a paragraph long, while others are three pages. The number of persons you choose to thank will decide the length of your appreciation page. As a general rule, keep your acknowledgements to one page. Even if there are no word limits, a large acknowledgements section dilutes your gratitude, especially to those who helped you the most.

Where Do I Put My acknowledgements?

In most cases, your acknowledgements should follow after your abstract and before your table of contents. However, we highly advise you to check your university’s requirements, as some have their own set of restrictions.

Tips for Writing a Dissertation Acknowledgement


  • Verify the university’s acknowledgment guidelines.
  • Don’t forget to thank those who directly assisted you.
  • Keep it casual and personable.
  • Use full name, titles, and credentials.
  • Remember to keep the acknowledgement short.


  • Don’t thank everyone in your family unless they were inspired or supportive.
  • Don’t forget those you know who have helped you professionally, even if their contribution was minor.
  • The acknowledgment should be revised to eliminate redundancy

Dissertation Acknowledgement vs. Preface

Using your prologue and acknowledgment in your thesis is redundant. What is the most excellent approach to decide? Write a prologue to thank readers and enlighten them. If you don’t have room, write your thesis acknowledgment.

  • In a separate acknowledgment section of your thesis, thank the department, personnel, or funding organizations who assisted you. Find great thank-you letter templates to thank those who have helped you financially or other ways. Your thank-you messages acknowledge your thesis.
  • Because writing is political, professional acknowledgements should come first. Check your list of collaborators to see whether any academics helped you create this critical article.
  • Before you start writing, establish a list of everyone involved in your project. Some will read or revise your work, while others will routinely listen to your academic concerns. Mention friends or family who are grad students.

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Writing Dissertation Acknowledgements:

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