Research is a concept based upon the aim of inculcating the development of a concept through data collection. This data is organized through careful analysis. Organized data is then presented systematically followed by report writing. Research in international politics is also a multidimensional field, which is based upon analysis, evaluation, or synthesis of content. The point of concern here is to carve out the ways through which research papers on international relations can brighten.


The first step toward writing a good research paper in the field of international relations is the choice of topic. This decision provides the basis on which one is going to build a whole empire. After selection, careful observation of the following points would do the task

  • The manageability of the chosen topic depends upon the concept of limitation. Putting limits on the topic of research provides endows it with a focus that readers would enjoy during the course of reading.
  • Research beforehand on existing literature regarding international politics is a great help to deal with those struggling with manageability issues.
  • A broad topic ends up losing focus in a research paper.
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  • Assessment of the relevance of the topic to national, international, and even particular geographical locations must consider in order to write a good research paper.
  • It must have the potential to add some value to the literature available in international politics.


Structuring a research paper is a crucial step as it offers both rewards and challenges to its selectors because research is all about the unique contribution of the researcher to understanding a body of texts, events, and factual data. A clearly avowed argument will surely hold the reader spellbound. This requires a researcher to have a road map beforehand along with clear diagrams and a cluster of related ideas related to the research. Start having discriminate ideas and notions is no exception in a research paper but harnessing these random ideas to ensure concrete ideas is the actual line of argument. For this purpose, Assignment Writers Usa may consult to benefit from their competency as their expertise in assignment writing is in line with prudent structuring of data.


The first impression is always flawed with disparate ideas. It must not be the final work. The researcher must treat it as a sketch of a plan. Revisions after revision chisel the draft into a more mature and refined shape with wee argued beliefs. Engaging in a research paper a night before it is due allows no time for creating drafts and revisions.


International politics is a vast field in itself with peculiar jargon-defining issues. Use of appropriate and descriptive jargon regarding issues is necessary considering facts. Terms in international politics also become the focus of research for the readers.

This does not mean that a good research paper would surprise the readers with unknown terms and abbreviations, which is not recommended in international politics.


Every individual may have a divergent opinion on how international politics is working and how is it benefitting one state and exploiting the other. It is a very subjective view. The variation in interpretation of certain policies at the international level regarding international politics is dependent upon that particular geographical locality. Hence, a citation from valuable sources intensifies the work being produced and adds more value and authenticity to it. This can also put the burden on the shoulders of those being quoted as in international politics it is an endeavor. Nonetheless, the overuse of it may sacrifice the personal opinion of the researcher.


Often the research papers lie on evaluation of some lacunas created in the research work of some scholar. Therefore, research of some scholarly argument must strengthen with claims provided with proper reference to the text researcher is referring to. This critical view is further going to strengthen one’s own argumentative skills.  By exploring questions of identity and interest. Constructivist scholars have articulated an important corrective to the methodological individualism (The Constructive Turn in International Relations Theory, 2011)


A thesis statement summarizes the research content and offers readers what they may expect next. Readers come to know the subject of the research paper and expect some proof provided with it as a requirement of a sound thesis statement. A definite and clear thesis statement can be well justified and easily explored. Arguments must provide the direction to that particular issue affecting international politics. It can be anything regarding violation of some facets of international law. However, those laws then need to explain clearly and must show ways to avenge the violation of that law within the scope of international law.


An abstract summarizes the research explains the methods through which careful research is done and the requirement for a good research paper writing in international politics. It should indicate the issue that is investigating in a research paper. Further, it tells about the objectives behind all this research process done to gather findings.

  • Some issues are not as explicit as others are as far as their clarity is concerned and such topics need some background knowledge. For example how certain state has changed their foreign policy regarding global economics. This definitely needs some background as to how states used to have a certain foreign policy stance at the economic level globally.
  • To make a research paper more brief and descriptive various arguments can be further divided into subheadings. Investigating a political issue at the international level needs further categorization such as discussion, methodology, analysis, and findings.
  • Then all the good research papers should conclude with an explicit conclusion. Which cites major arguments, and it should followed by the thesis statement.


Writing a good research paper in international politics is possible through the lens of closer research of the international politics at play further follow by the above-mentioned steps.


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