How To Write A Book And Sell It On Amazon

How To Write A Book And Sell It On Amazon

Summarizing any book in such a way that no important point is missed is an important but difficult task. A summary of important chapters of various books is needed by people who have less time, so they work from the summary. 

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When writing a summary, you should use simple language and words so that your listeners and readers can benefit from it. If you want to create a summary of a book or article, here are some useful techniques that will help you a lot.

Know who your audience is:

Choosing your audience is less of a concrete deliverable and more of a mental experiment. However, it’s a significant thought experiment that will influence how you write your book moving forward.
How can you decide what to write or how to write it if you don’t know who your audience is? How can you position and market your book if you don’t know who your audience is?
Make a consumer avatar or “persona” to round out the audience research process. In business, marketing, and product management, this is a standard procedure. In essence, it’s a made-up version of your ideal reader or consumer.

Your target readers for articles on Amazon on self-publishing might be:

Building their brands and generating leads is a goal for consultants and speakers.
Internet marketers want online revenue
Beyond what is listed in the bullets above. Write up the characteristics of your target audience in as much detail as you can, including their goals, challenges, favorite things, and questions related to the subject of your book.

Remember your identities as questions arise while you are writing, producing, and selling your book, as they unavoidably will. What might they hope to gain from your book?

Plan your work:

Planning is an important step in any work. If you want to write a summary of a book, first plan it by writing down the details of how many words you want to include in the summary or the summary you have created. How many pages will it contain? It is also important to remember whom you are creating this summary for.

Before working on the summary, outline your plan and write down important points and information so that no important points are left out while creating the summary.

Read the whole book first:

Before making a summary of any book, it is important to know it well so that you understand its main topic and other sub-topics. Read the book thoroughly from cover to cover, understand its main points and make an outline in your mind. You have not started writing yet because reading and understanding the book thoroughly is time-consuming, so we would like you to read the book thoroughly and understand its themes and the author’s discussion about it. Understand what has been presented well so that the way forward can be paved.

List of topics:

After reading the book completely, first of all, ask yourself which of the topics or subjects in it have aroused your interest and whether these subjects will be of similar interest to your readers. 

While searching for the answer to this question, a whole list of subjects of more or less interest will come to your mind.

Chapter-by-Chapter Study:

The most effective way to summarize is to read chapter by chapter, but taking notes and highlighting important lines is also important. When you have read the book completely, its main theme and details are clear in your mind, so while making a summary, go through the book chapter by chapter and make notes on the important points of each chapter.

These notes will form your summary. This method will ensure that you are not leaving out any important and noteworthy points. In this way, the extra or irrelevant information in the book will be sorted out, and only the important and necessary information will be included in the notes you make.

Use of quotes:

A quote or quotation refers to a passage in a book that the author uses as a reference or example of what someone else has written or said. Never omit quotes from the book you are summarizing, as this will make it much easier for your readers or audience to understand the context of the book and create a clearer picture of the subject in their minds.

Remember that maintaining an accurate data balance is very important, so you take care of the word count. If the summary is getting too long, you can reduce it to the desired numbers by removing extra information.


Finally, your summary calls for a deep revision when you have finished writing. Remember that when you are writing, you are a writer, while at other times, when you review the same text to catch mistakes, you see it from the editor’s point of view. The writer and the editor are two different things. There are different areas, so it is very important to review any piece of writing you have written so that you can clean up all the mistakes you may have made unintentionally.

Carefully read your summary once from cover to cover and see if any important points or essential information have been left out. At this stage, delete unnecessary or redundant information since you are looking at the entire text from an editor’s point of view.

How to Publish a Book on Amazon:

Also, the market is increasingly moving to the web. In fact, the convenience of online shopping is unparalleled. If the things you want to buy are the first thing you think of, Amazon is there with its discounts and benefits. 

So this site is also a very important store for third-party sellers who want to grow their business. If you’ve written a book and want to sell it on the web, here’s how to publish a book on Amazon.

Preparation For Writing Your Book:

There are some rules you need to follow to sell on Amazon.

In fact, the book should respect some guidelines regarding its presentation (cover, chapters, etc.). You can find all the necessary information on this page, which also tells you what you need to do to create an eBook. Although almost all digital documents are supported, Amazon recommends using HTML or Word DOC / DOCX format.

Publication Of Book:

To sell on Amazon, you must, of course, be registered. Once that’s done and you’ve prepared your book by following the instructions above, it’s time to sell!

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