How To Win Ludo Game Every Time?

How To Win Ludo Game Every Time

Ludo is a historic board game played by generations from a long ago and it is famous around the globe. This is a game of entertainment and love and Ludo has some special powers that strengthen the bond between the players who are playing it. Not only earlier but Ludo kept us entertained recently when everyone was having a phobia of covid 19 and we were locked inside our houses. Ludo originated in India and was called Pachisi first not only by ordinary people but this game is played by royal families in India for a long time.

Ludo is a traditional multiplayer game played by a maximum number of 4 people at once. When you play games like Ludo and chess your mental health improves and your thinking capacity increases rapidly as compared to a normal person. As technology is evolving in human daily life and everything is going digital and online now some companies have launched online Ludo game which is a good and helpful thing, you can play Ludo online with your loved ones if you are far away from them. Some of these online Ludo platforms offer real money to the users when they win the game so hurry up! and start earning on your own.

Rules to play Ludo

First, let’s see the essential equipment needed to play Ludo offline. As we all know that Ludo is a board game so a square shape board is a must to play this game there are 4 tokens of the same color (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) for each player, and these tokens are seated in their matching color base. There is a dice that has numbers 1 to 6 printed on it which is rolled by players on their turn to move their tokens. If you are playing Ludo online then you just need a device and a good internet connection and you are good to go because every necessary thing is already designed in the game.

Some basic rules of Ludo are mentioned below:

  1. 2 or 4 players can play the game at once and every player has different color tokens and base.
  2. The main goal of every player is to take all 4 tokens to the finish line to win the game.
  3. To take out a token from the base the player needs a 6.
  4. Once a player gets 6 then he gets a chance to roll the dice again.
  5. If a player gets 6 three times in a row then that player lost the chance and passes the dice to the next player.
  6. If your token lands on the opponent’s token then that opponent’s token goes to the base and starts again.

How to win Ludo every time?

Nowadays, there are a lot of online Ludo platforms running in the market and some of them are offering cool and exciting rewards to the winners. But the problem is that people didn’t know the tactics to win the Ludo game every time but don’t worry if you are among those people who want to win every Ludo game then the tips and tricks are mentioned below:

  • Use your mind and create your strategy to win the game because by thinking you can create your best moves.
  • Open all 4 tokens as soon as possible.
  • Focus on all the tokens not only on a single token.
  • Kill your opponent’s token as much as possible this can increase your winning chances.
  • Keep your tokens in a safe place so that your opponent can’t kill your tokens.
  • Spread your tokens all over the board so you can freely move them.
  • If you get a number that is not of any use then move the token that is nearest to the base.

These are some tricks that can help you win every Ludo game whether you play it offline or online and the main trick is to practice the game because practice makes a man perfect and it can enhance your gaming skills. There are some Ludo apps that have practice mode which can help you a lot to make your strategies so hurry up! and download them.


As there are a lot of online Ludo apps available in the market some scammers are taking advantage of it and running some fake apps so that they can scam people and take their money and personal information. Because of these frauds, genuine and legit games are having negative effects and hate from people. There are a few factors that you should check before installing online Ludo apps like checking whether the game is licensed or not and checking their security terms and conditions so that your data will be secured. You should check the reviews and comments of people who have experienced the game.


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