How to Wear Wholesale Crop Tops in Different Ways


This deep into summer, you can hardly remember the days when you were bound by heavy knitted fabrics, but you may still remember that tailored cardigans are the first choice for high-rise denim in winter. What makes the cardigan so attractive in cold weather is its practicality, coolness factor, and inherent sultriness all at once. Since now is not the comfortable knitting time of the year, the wholesale crop tops trend of summer 2021 will be an alternative to the tightening woolen sweater, which is the ultimate companion of denim, and it is unlikely at that time.V-neck Sleeveless Solid Color Jersey Halter Crop Top
Like any other trend, the key to achieving this goal is more about how you design it than the actual item itself. New contemporary brands have been created exquisite and fashionable crop tops that are different from the past shrunken cotton styles, which can help you wear the design in a more refined way. The combination of high-waist denim and trousers with crop top continues to dominate, and cropped tops are a polished way of styling without showing too much skin.
With the continued popularity of bottoms that reach above the belly button, crop tops can be designed for activities beyond short periods of time. The updated version is a knotted style and a style with a tie on the front or back. If you want to know more ways, you can safely and easily drive the top of the crop, please continue reading. No matter how many skins you want to display comfortably, you can find the right choice. It turns out that they are suitable for everyone, because there may be about a million ways you can style them. Now, we will explore different ways of how to wear crop tops.

  1. Wear Crop Tops with Blazers

    You can hide almost any crop top under a buttoned blazer, and in summer this is a great way to keep it cool and layer it well. Take one of the best layering techniques in winter, design a printed simulated neck vest under the suit jacket. With a flowing skirt or fitting-well pedal pushers, this is an effortless way to go from day to night.Ruffle Sleeve Bowtie Front Shirred Crop Blouse

  2. Hide in High-Waist

    Except for tops that are close to bras, most tailored tops are located exactly near the waist of a pair of high-waist trousers. From leather pants to classic white wide-leg bottoms, there are plenty of high-leg pants. We recommend that you try to pair this dress with a short top that can cover your shoulders to make the style more suitable for work.

  3. Crop it Yourself

    Have you ever considered that all items in the closet have the ability to be the crop tops? With the knotting of its hem, a white work shirt can become a summer casual outfit. Just keep a few buttons on your favorite jacket or top, or take a pattern from a fashion script and cut out the old loom fruit jar yourself. You can fully control the length of these tops to make them suitable for work and entertainment.Bell Sleeve Cross V-neck Polka Dots Crop Top

  4. Play it with Proportions

    The easiest way to cover up crop tops is to cover your body elsewhere. Consider short tank tops, and consider long-sleeved styles, such as cropped jackets or blazers. They may show your midsection slightly, but when you cover your shoulders and arms, you will feel much more comfortable. Pair with high-waist trousers or short skirts, you can go wherever you want this summer.

  5. An Extra Layer

    For the most daring style, but the most modest appearance, try layering crop tops in appearance. Add a crop top to your favorite attire, or dare to pile up bras over your blazer. Corset style tops can also be worn with oversized tops to create a flattering silhouette that fits tightly to the torso, but has loose arms and body.Sleeveless Lace-up Geo Pattern Knitted Crop Top

  6. Wear Crop Tops with Maxi Skirts

    A maxi skirt and a crop top are the perfect combination for summer. You can go for a printed maxi skirt like this one and a plain crop top, or the other way around. However, unless you want to flaunt a matching look at the top of the crop, keep it bland. Crop tops can be strapless, full sleeves, loose or flared, and almost everything can help you achieve the perfect look. You can also pair a maxi skirt with a flared or off-shoulder crop top and use accessories to modify the look.

  7. Wear Crop Tops with Denim skirts

    It has been determined that crop tops with mid-length skirts, denim skirts or maxi skirts are considered extremely popular and stylish. So next time you have a sudden weekend plan, don’t worry too much. Just opt for a denim skirt, flowing top and eye-catching neckline.
    Sexy Puff Sleeve Slim Fit Plain Crop Top

  8. Wear Crop Top with Jeans

    One of the easiest ways to put on a crop top is to slide and pair with jeans. You can rest assured because it is used with all kinds of jeans, such as high-waist pants, mommy pants, flared pants or boot-cut styles.

  9. Wear Crop Top with Palazzo Pants

    The Palazzo pants with cropped top are fun, airy and elegant. You could dress up or down with a classic palazzo bottoms. You can choose regular plain or printed palazzo trousers with a simple crop top for everyday matching, or a thick silk palazzo for special events or gatherings with a chiffon crop top.Solid Color Single-breasted Cropped Shirt

  10. Wear Crop Top with Shorts

    Wear it blindly, because it is the perfect outfit for anything you have planned – in a shopping mall, on a beach holiday or having dinner with friends. Matching shorts and a crop top is a very important thing. Loose shorts and crop tops are another attractive choice for curvy women.

  11. Wear Crop Top with Jacket

    Like the idea of tailoring tops, but are you dissatisfied with all the skin display? Add another layer to it so that it doesn’t take away anything from the top of the crop, but still looks stylish. You can wear a leather jacket, denim shirt or long coat. The wonderful monochrome clothing idea.Turn Down Collar Fleece Crop Denim White Jacket

  12. Crop Top With Suspenders

    Style your crop top with suspenders – be it full length or half. Gone are the days when suspenders and ordinary T-shirts were worn together. Now, everything has to do with crop tops. Likewise, it is an attractive style for those who like this style but are not satisfied with the idea of exposing too much skin. Again, it is as simple as pairing your sling with a pure black or white crop top or one with an off-shoulder style.

  13. Wear Crop Top with Light Denim

    If the cut look is a bit too intimidating, layer a transparent floral dress on top to lighten it down. Choose a cropped camisole that can express pastel colors in your dress, and pair it with light-colored denim and comfortable summer boots to create an unexpected but simple look.

  14. Wear Crop Tops with Front-knotted

    As one of the outstanding trends, the knotted top at the front is surprisingly versatile and is an excellent layered work in summer. Pair a layered camisole or sports bra under the knotted shirt to enhance the beauty of the animal print skirt. Sports sandals make the beach look more balanced.Drop Shoulder Flutter Sleeve Knotted Tie-dye Blouse

  15. Button-up Crop Tops

    You don’t need to redesign the style to shake crop trends. Button tops with quadrangular outlines feel very professional, and eye-catching shoulders are also popular. Just like wearing any other button tops from She Star, add high-waist trousers and accessories for crop shirts, with comfortable and stylish flat sandals.

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