How to Use YouTube Music Video Promotion Service Lessons

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Here are three strategies for developing an organic social marketing strategy to promote music lessons for free on YouTube Music Video Promotion Service and social media. If you provide music lessons online, you must understand how to market those classes. You should be on social media, especially YouTube, if you teach music. In 2020, YouTube had 2 billion logged-in users, not including those who did not have an account.

This is your sign if you’re debating whether you should launch a YouTube music video promotion lessons channel, a Tik Tok channel, or an Instagram page. Fortunately, using YouTube and social media to promote yourself as a music instructor does not have to be expensive.

Music Lessons on YouTube

Again, in 2020, 2 billion people were signed into YouTube — that’s a lot of individuals who would be interested in watching your video. YouTube may appear to be an intimidating medium to begin using for music lessons, but it is not to be feared because it is extremely user-friendly.

Make Your YouTube Profile More Effective

Your YouTube music video promotion service thumbnails, profile banner, and logo do not require the services of a professional photographer or graphic designer. Make something on your own. We’ll go over how to start a YouTube channel in another piece, but for now, just make a nice-looking YouTube banner in the size of 2560 x 1440 pixels so people can see who you are when they click on your profile. Make sure your connections to your website or directory page on are up to date so that students may book you for a lesson. As you can see in the image below, they have a banner, links to their websites, and a about section that tells viewers what to expect from your channel.

Begin making videos based on the work of others

It’s important to remember that YouTube is a search engine. Every video you can conceive of has almost certainly already been shot. That’s fine, though. That’s fine, I’ll say it again. Simply make a new version of an existing video that you enjoy. Consider how many videos you’ve seen on the same topic — it’s definitely a lot, right? Make your own interpretation. Add something new and personalise it with your own style. It could be how to play a blues scale, or a blues scale that would fit in an Ed Sheeran song — something with a unique feel! Simply consider new possibilities.

Produce a Video Series

Begin by making as many videos as possible and posting them at least once a week. Consider all of the lessons you teach each week, as well as the unique (or not so unique) questions you receive.

There’s a good chance there’s a series in there. YouTube adores series and will propose multiple videos from you if they’re related. Like a TV show’s episodes. Someone could be interested in learning how to play dotted eighth notes on the electric guitar. Someone might want to learn how to play the new Elton John song on the ukulele, so write it down and produce a video. If one individual wants to learn how to do anything, chances are that 10,000 others will as well.

Aim for a video quality of 720p or higher

Don’t be concerned about video quality; uploading using a current smartphone such as an iPhone or Android device should suffice. However, try to stick at 720p, which is what most phones and tablets have these days. The higher the quality, the more people will watch and the more professional you will appear. Make an excellent first impression!

In this helpful checklist blog, we’ve covered the equipment you’ll need to offer music lessons online. If you’re just getting started, this is a must-read.

Use Instagram to promote yourself as a music teacher

Instagram presently has 1.4 billion users as of 2021. It’s still as popular as ever, and with the addition of Reels and the option to generate lengthier material, you now have a unique opportunity to create a large number of helpful lessons that may be seen by a large number of people.

I’ve saved Instagram for last since it’s one of the finest methods to promote music lessons organically online, and it’s a fantastic middle ground between Tik Tok and YouTube. It’s slightly lengthier videos with Tik Tok’s viral tendency, but with YouTube’s keyword strength and signalling.

On social media, be consistent

Finally, if you want to sell your music lessons on social media or YouTube, you must be consistent. This involves continuously turning up every week. Expect to receive few inquiries after your initial post. You might not go viral until your 50th video, but once all of YouTube’s and social media’s algorithms have you in their sights, you’ll be shown to a lot more people simply because you produce material every week. One of the most effective strategies to market music lessons on YouTube and other media is to post regularly.



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