How to Use Social media Groups in 2020


Social media is here to stay because it fosters and nurtures communities.

People need to be able to communicate and share their opinions and ideas and discuss topics that are important to them. So do brands. This is possible with Facebook groups, which allow users to connect with businesses based on their interests.

Is your company using social media to foster and create community?

More than 1.4 billion Facebook users in 2021, with 10 million groups.

This article will discuss tips and tricks to make the most of Facebook groups.

First, let’s look at the different communities that your brand can create on Facebook.

Facebook: Public or private?

Facebook groups can be used to create communities of like-minded individuals that your brand can build.

You have two choices of features and restrictions to choose from to accomplish this:

Public Facebook Groups

Everyone can join the discussions in the Public group.

Everyone can search and share the group content. Public access to the members’ list is possible.

Private Facebook groups

Members can only join private groups if the administrator sets criteria.

Brands often use these to create an online community or a membership club for customers with similar interests.

These online communities are private, and the content is not shared with anyone else.

There are two types of private Facebook groups.


Members or invited users can only access this group type.


Anyone can make requests for access to private Facebook groups.

Why Social media groups are important for your brand.

Let’s look at the top reasons to start a Facebook group.

Create a community.

A brand can use Facebook groups to give the microphone to its audience and set the stage. Magic happens when the spotlight shines on the people who truly care about your brand’s domain.

This community comprises like-minded people who share a passion for the brand. It allows for insightful conversations and valuable connections with customers and leads.

Facebook groups are a platform that allows brands to connect with consumers directly and raise brand awareness. These groups are powerful marketing tools because they enable you to maintain a relationship and attract new customers by sharing exclusive content, community, and support.

Access, research, and improve.

Facebook groups are a great way for your brand to share ideas, get feedback, and find solutions to any problem. These communities can be a mirror of your products’ influence, and you will get honest feedback.

Direct customer service.

These online communities are great for customer service. Your team can answer questions and resolve issues quickly.

Keep up with the latest trends on social media.

Since 2018, Facebook groups have been a part of the main platform menu. They have also seen increased organic reach and dedicated notifications to users.

The importance of Facebook groups grew even more during the pandemic. People are now looking for new ways to connect online.

Online communities are flourishing. 77% of respondents say that the online community is their most important group.

COVID-19 is a great way to bring out the best in your community. 91% of respondents stated that they had provided support to others via a group or community in the pandemic aftermath. 86% of respondents said they received help from others.


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