How to Use Popular Semrush Tool to Improve SEO of Your Blog?

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If you are looking for the best SEO tool to improve the SEO of your blog then Semrush is the solution. This tool will help you in keyword research, track all the ranked keywords of your competitor, and website analysis can be done through the audit, backlink opportunity, and many more things. These are the features that make Semrush stand out from its competitors and due to this, you will find a plethora of positive Semrush Review online.

Using Semrush to Improve Keyword Ranking

One of the biggest problems with the blog post that a newbie is unaware of is poor keyword ranking in the major search engines. If you have written a good post then you will receive decent traffic on the blog posts. One thing the blogger is unaware of is the keywords that are giving traffic to the posts. If you know which posts are ranking for the keyword and what their keyword position in the search result will allow you to improve the SEO of your blog.

There was a time my blog was not targeted for the specific keywords so in that scenario most of the blog posts are ranking for the random keywords in which some are on the first page of the search result and some are on the 2nd as well as on the third page of SERP.

In this post, I will guide you on how I find the right keywords for these blog posts and optimise the post to get the maximum result on the blog posts.

Let’s Start

Before moving further we need to first create the account on the Semrush. If you are not sure then you can also go for the Semrush free trial for 30 Days.

After logging into the Semrush account in the search field you need to enter your domain name. On the organic keywords section just click on the “Full report”. After clicking on it the magic happens, you will see the traffic keywords your blog posts, and website is ranking for. It also shows some other necessary details like CPC of Adsense, traffic estimate, keywords position, traffic percentage, keyword trends, etc.

With all the vital details you can easily filter out the most important keywords.

Effective Link Building Strategy using Semrush

Inbound links are very important and one of the primary goals of content marketing is to get more and more inbound links from high authority resources. Like content is king, links are the currency of the internet, especially for the website ranking. One can use Semrush to check for the competitor’s backlinks and after analysing it they can design their link-building strategy.

The backlinks analysis feature of the Semrush shows your competitor’s backlinks profiles and how they are performing. Use it for the following things such as:

  • If they are gaining or losing links
  • If they are gaining or losing referral domains
  • Each month’s ratio of won and lost links.

Using Semrush for Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

If you are practising the largest part of the marketing strategy viz content marketing then you must be aware that content marketing is the process of distributing the content online. The content distribution should be on the high authority websites.

Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing has the capability to hold your visitors. If your content is very informative and engaging people will enjoy reading it which ultimately builds a relationship with the reader. When you build a good relationship then your blog or website will be trusted more. Search engines love those websites and give a high ranking to those websites that have been trusted by the users.

Semrush tool to Generate New Content Ideas

If you are looking for a brainstorming content idea then Semrush is an ideal tool for you. Try to put the keywords in the Semrush topic research tool and you will be surprised to see other more efficient trending topics. You can use this information to deliver the best and most informative content to your loyal audience.

Using SEO Writing Assistant

If you want to optimise your article for better SEO then Semrush has an awesome feature called SEO writing assistant. This can also be integrated with several text editors and can be considered a good blog writer app.

Maintain Your Previous Content with Semrush

Major search engines are updating their algorithm from time to time so that they can deliver more relevant results of the typed query. It is good to keep writing the new content but you also need to keep your previous content up to date. Semrush tool is very useful for auditing your previous content and helps you in making a choice on which article needs to be tackled first.


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