How to use macOS on Virtualbox on Windows OS? Complete Guide.

use macOS on virtualbox

macOS is the second most used operating system in the world. And most of the people cannot access this. Because that consider it for Mac computers only. Therefore, it is pretty hard for everyone to buy mac laptops for mac operating systems. But wait! in the current digital era nothing is impossible and there are certain ways to use macOS on any computer too.  And today our main focus in how to use macOS on Virtualbox.

Now, anyone can install macOS on their nonmac systems. And this has become possible only due to the Virtualization software like Virtualbox or VMware workstation. But what is Virtualization software.

What is Virtualization software?

These are software widely used to run multiple operating systems on one computer. The two broadly used virtual machine software are Virtualbox and VMWare. Where Virtualbox is free software. and VMware workstation is a paid software. However, in this article, we are going to guide you on how to install and use macOS on Virtualbox.

There are some steps that you can execute to use macOS on Virtualbox.

So are you all ears?

Download and install Virtualbox:

The first thing you need to do is install Virtualbox on your computer. YOu can install it on any computer, whether that is running on Windows or Linux on Mac.

  1. Visit the and download the latest version of Virtualbox.
  2. Go to the download folder. And double click on the file to start the installation.
  3. Now, the installation process is the same as the typical software. Answer some questions and head-on.
  4. After answering the questions. The installation process will embark on. And after some time the installation will successfully complete.

After the successful installation. Now you can proceed to the second step.

Downlaod macOS DMG or ISO:

Next, you need to download the macOS DMG or ISO file. You can download these files online for free. Moreover, I am going to provide you the link. Where you can download the macOS DMG or ISO file. As the latest macOS is big Sur therefore, we will download the macOS big Sur ISO and DMG.

After you download the macOS big Sur DMG file. Now you can proceed to the second last step.

Create a Virtual machine:

Now, it is time to create a virtual machine. which could be used for the macOS.

  1. Go to the Virtualbox app and start.
  2. Then click on a new virtual machine.
  3. Then give a name to the new guest OS. As we are installing macOS big Sur. So, we will name it macOS big Sur.
  4. Afterward, allocate the amount of storage for the guest OS.
  5. And also allocate the amount of RAM to the guest OS.
  6. Then also allocate the number of CPUs for the new OS.

After the completion of these steps. Now the virtual machine is also fully ready. And you just need to step into the final procedure. And that is the installation process.

Install macOS Big Sur:

Now, again you need to install macOS big Sur on Virtualbox software. The installation process is pretty easy. Because it is just the same as the installation on mac. If you have installed macOS on any system. And if not. So again, you just need to follow some steps to install the macOS big Sur.  You need to select the language, region, iTunes passwords, and so on. Once you provide this information, then the installation process will initiate. And to complete it successfully you will need about half hours.


So, these are some steps to install and use macOS on Virtualbox software. And like this, you can use multiple operating systems on one hardware without any hassle. However, if you confront any issue during any step. Feel free to tell us.


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