How to Use Field Mobility to Make Your Business More Efficient

Field Mobility Solutions

Businesses relying on the field workforce for service and support only need two things for success. One, agility, and two, productivity! Implementing a business to- employee – the customer, approach; via field mobility solution software will help in achieving both and sustain for the longer run.

As per the best field mobility software solution providers in India, following are the well known ways to take a leap towards industry 4.0 and ultimately, transformation.

Cut back on the losses due to the lag and delayed information access

Field mobility solutions can be all about providing access to required information for field agents on the go and in real time. Businesses that rely on conventional methods of offline documents or decentralized access to information, mostly delays field team’s operation and hence productivity which ultimately results in a loss of money. It is important to understand the needs of your team on the field around having access to relevant information when the customer asks for and also the same is applicable for the other teams in the chain to have updated information on the progress/process.

Field mobility solution software resolves this problem by transmitting and flowing updated data with help of internet connection and advanced software. Depending on the chain of process, access to users/teams can be set up so they can access information anywhere and anytime. This saves the time wasted in all the back-forth and delivers satisfied customer service.

Manage resources and workforce remotely

Best field mobility solution providers in India are smart enough to configure reports for managers of field teams to quickly make decisions around the productivity, attendance and sudden change in plans for carrying out tasks. For instance, if a shipment needs a rerouting as per the latest customer request or a sudden change in the dispatch schedule occurs. This measure would minimize costs incurred through mismanaged vehicles, disconnected field operations and agents.

Reduce Compliance Cost

Best Field Mobility Solution Provider, cater to the industries such as – pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods and F & B; operations are regulated by a governing body and automation of inventory management is a mandate. The field team of these verticals is not required to enter the data of documents for instance – a medical prescription. Instead, she can scan and upload the document in just a few clicks and approve/deliver the order.

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Proof of Service on the go!

For businesses that provide services such as maintenance and repair, has a staff that is a non-skilled labor. Expecting paperwork from this workforce could be a daunting task and a less smart way of acquiring information. This will require more hours being spent on the paperwork and less in delivering the services or visits. Instead, your field team could be easily trained to upload information such as proof of service, suggested schedule for the next visit or anything from attending the call to post service details in a few clicks.By adapting to field mobility software solutions, managers can also keep a track on the cross sells and upsells by their field teams during visits and judge performance accordingly.


Overall objective of implementing field mobility software solutions is to expedite operations, increase profitability and equip your field agents with realtime information so they can deliver the best customer service, increase your sales and their own productivity!


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