How to Use Facebook to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts?


Driving Facebook traffic to your website and blog is basic. Notwithstanding the quality of articles and blogs you compose, without perusers, your endeavors as an advertiser fall flat.

Facebook traffic gives extraordinary chances to expand your website article readership.

Here are 12 Best actionable, compelling, inventive strategies on Facebook to direct people to your website and blog.

1. Make Your Images Big

Facebook posts that incorporate images get around 120% more engagement than posts with no photographs. Make your images noticeable, and you will get parts more Facebook likes, shares remarks – and click through.

Utilize full measured images in some of your Facebook blog post updates. Check your Facebook Insights, and your blog website metrics to survey your victories with full measured images (and any of the techniques in this article). Utilize the best techniques to continue creating the most blog traffic for you.

To make a full measured picture Facebook post, upload the picture straightforwardly.

Link to your blog post in your text refresh. Utilize an abbreviated link, for example, a to keep your post text looking cleaner.

2. Influence your Updates To short

Truly, you’re driving Facebook traffic to your blog article, and your blog article will have bunches of text. On Facebook, however, short, clever updates create the most engagement and click through. In a perfect world, keep your refresh one sentence, and under the 140 Twitter character check.

Keep in mind that heaps of your Fans are utilizing Facebook on portable, as well. Remember this when you’re making your text. Make your blog updates a short, clear and captivating mystery for your blog article.

3. Make inquiries

Inquiries normally conjure a reaction, isn’t that right?

Utilize inquiries to create click-through activities from your Fans. Make your inquiries clever, short and fascinating. Remember your readership, and dependably hold your inquiry related back to your blog article.

There are many kinds of inquiries you can ask, from fill-in-the-clear, random data, individual perspectives, and so on.

4. Utilize a Short Quote From Your Blog

Give your Fans the essence of your blog post. Incorporate a fascinating statement from your article. Statements all in all are the absolute most shared content on Facebook. On the off chance that a Fan shares your refresh, you will probably have clicked through to your site, as well.

Discover a statement in your article that is compact and gives a kind of its contents. You can even make it more customized, by including a photograph of the individual or author making the statement.

5. Avoid the Link

There’s no compelling reason to keep the link in the text of your post (unless you are posting a full estimated picture).

Influence your refresh to clean. Erase the link in your text before you post it. The picture and rundown of your article are clickable straightforwardly to your blog article.

6. Offer Lifestyle or How-To Blog Articles

As a rule, your Fans on Facebook don’t simply need your item or administration. They need you to upgrade their life and their feeling of the group on Facebook. Let be honest, Facebook is where individuals go to get up to speed with their companions. As a business, you should post tips to advance the lives of your market as well.

When you compose a lifestyle or how-to blog article, share it on your Facebook Page.

7. Host Contests on Your Blog and Website

Create Facebook traffic to your blog by distributing intuitive content, similar to contests. At that point advance your contest by posting it on your Facebook Page.

Your Fans need to engage with you, and numerous organizations oblige this by facilitating Facebook contests. Switch up your advertising strategy to drive more perspectives to the site. Host contests on your blog, as well. Make your content more shareable by posting about it on Facebook.

8. Make a ‘Week after week Wrap Up’

Each Friday, influence a blog to post incorporating your best articles of the week. Offer it on Facebook. This allows your Fans to see your website and blog articles initially. It’s additionally an extraordinary method to get more click through, you’re putting forth your Fans article choices.

When you post a “Week by week Wrap Up”, make a look book of your website article images. This makes a lovely and alluring refresh to your Facebook Fans.

9. Install Short Blog Video

Get imaginative with your blog images. Make a short Vine or Instagram video to demonstrate your perusers the quintessence of your blog article. At that point install the video on your Facebook Page.

By implanting the video, your Fans can experience what your article is about without leaving the site. On the off chance that your video is luring enough, your Fans will engage with your post, and click through to your blog article.

10. Offer Other People’s Blog Content

While it might appear to be irrational, sharing other individuals’ content is really a splendid strategy in driving more traffic from Facebook to your blog and site.

Web-based social networking is tied in with sharing. In this way, share blog content from industry pioneers, your Fans, and other trustworthy sources. Utilize articles that are applicable to your market, and that identify with your business as well.

This strategy influences your business to look all the more eager to share (and in this way increase corresponding Fan shares), your clients will value your educational content (which can pick up client devotion), and the organizations you’ve shared will probably share your content to their Fans as well (which can convey new Facebook traffic to your blog).

11. Incorporate a Blog Tab to Drive Facebook Traffic

A Blog tab on your Facebook Page is another important – and genuinely basic – approach to share and get individuals clicking through to your blog website.

I’d say the most effortless approach to include a Blog Facebook tab is to utilize an application, for example, Networked Blogs. The website strolls you through how to enlist your blog, and its essential arrangement incorporates a Facebook tab. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you have designers convenient, you can make your own tab in iFrame.

Once you’ve included a tab, your articles are naturally gushed to your tab page, so your Fans can click to see them.

Cautioning: DO NOT simply syndicate your blog articles to Facebook and Twitter. Experience the procedure to fabricate a tab. Syndicating your articles won’t get you the click-throughs that the previously mentioned strategies will.

12. Utilize Facebook Ads

Facebook promotions support your span to Fans and targeted crowds. Utilize them to get your blog updates seen, and drive Facebook traffic straightforwardly to your blog and site.

You can utilize what Facebook used to call promoted posts to focus on your blog updates to Fans and their companions. You can utilize more targeted Facebook advertisements to achieve Facebookers with your specialty socioeconomics and interests.

Promotions on Facebook don’t need to be costly for the ROI you get. You can pick the compensation per-click choice, so you just pay when somebody clicks through to your site. Focus on your advertisements to achieve your particular, intrigued individuals on an exceptionally granular level. Your promotions will get clicked by your correct specialty. (No doubt, extremely cool, right?)

Utilize best practices for your promotion picture, A/B test your text and targets, and link straightforwardly to your blog or blog post.


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