How to Turn EML to PDF with Advanced Converter & Manual Method


Due to increasing demand of PDF files, EML file users may have requirement to know how to turn EML to PDF in simple steps. If you are such user who would like to know how to batch convert .eml to PDF then this blog is accurate place. This write up has dual solutions manual method & alternative solution. Both are good and can be tried to know how to convert EML file to PDF for free. Therefore, stay on this blog, till the end and utilize solutions.

How to Turn EML to PDF with Manual Method

We know EML is introduced by Microsoft Team by Outlook Express but now it is supported by multiple applications – Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, eM Client, DreamMail, Windows Mail to save single mail message. On the other side, PDF is the UNIVERSAL document file format of Adobe Reader. It has multiple benefits so is in demand and also used in all over the world to represent data. Therefore, there may possibility that EML file users may have need to know how to do it.

To do this task, firstly, everyone would like to go with direct migration solution but due to the difference between both file format, there is no direct migration solution available. But a manual trick can do this task. If you wish to know the manual trick, follow the given steps but it saves only mails to PDF without attachments –

  • For that firstly, install Mozilla Thunderbird and also add ImportExport Tools extension in it.
  • After adding the ImportExport Tools add-ons, generate a new folder in Thunderbird.
  • Select your all EML messages & save in newly generated mailbox of Thunderbird by drag & drop method.
  • After that, select few mails or mailbox of few mails;
  • Right click on it and choose ImportExport Tools >> Save selected messages.
  • Now finally choose PDF option and its saving location.
  • Click on OK button then a confirmation message will appear there that it will save messages to PDF without attachments. Click on OK button.

Note – The manual trick is not easy so anyone cannot easily follow it. This process is only a trick so not a perfect solution. It will not save emails messages to PDF without attachments. The method is lengthy so doesn’t provide quick mails migration to PDF result. Sometimes, it fails due to technical issues. Therefore, before following it, you should know its all limitations for turning EML file to PDF.

How to Batch Convert .eml to PDF with Alternative Solution

No doubt that manual method is risky & not a perfect solution to do the conversion of EML messages to PDF Adobe documents. At this time, the EML to PDF Converter can help users to solve how to batch convert .eml to PDF for quick processing. The software is created with all beneficial functions to smartly save all messages to Adobe. It can turn unlimited EML messages to PDF at once and save your time from single processing. The software supports multiple preview functions that helps to view EML files in content, hex view, raw messages, message header. The program has extract option that enables to save email attachments on your computer. It also supports to save mail address, phone number of mails on your local disk. In short, the program is also good for forensic purpose to perfectly examine EML files and then save in Adobe documents for future purpose.

Still, have doubt or query then download the EML migration tool that has strength to convert 10 EML messages to PDF at free of cost and help to understand how to turn EML to PDF Adobe documents.



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