How To Transfer Emails from OST file to New Outlook?

Convert OST to PST

“My Outlook account got suspended and I don’t have any backup of these emails. After searching a lot, I came across the OST file on my system. Also, try to access the emails from that file, but I’m not so lucky. There are some Urgently needed important emails. Please tell me a way to access emails from the OST file in my new Outlook account. “

“How can I transfer emails from the OST file to the new Outlook in the best possible way?”

There are many scenarios where users face the above-mentioned situation and want to move their emails from their OST files into a new account. Before we move further, we should know what exactly the OST file is. 

What Is OST File

OST or Offline Storage Table is a data file created by Microsoft Outlook 2005 0 or later version. This file format saves a copy of the full mailbox data of the Office 365, Exchange, or account. 

The OST file contains emails, contacts, calendars, journals, or other components of the email account. It is a single file that is automatically stored on the user’s local computer. Users can access this file without an internet connection.

The user can make changes to the OST file offline, but those changes will not be reflected in the user’s account until the Internet connection is established.

Albeit of having this much ability, OST files after creating from an Outlook account and exiting its interface become orphan. And most importantly it can’t be imported into the Outlook interface. As this email client only imports the PST file format. So in order to transfer emails from an OST file to a new Outlook account one needs to convert OST to PST. 

Unfortunately, there is no official method to transfer Emails from OST file to new Outlook account.  So to do this conversion the user needs a powerful tool that easily transfers the OST file to the PST without any data alteration. Now the question arises – what is the best reliable solution for OST to PST conversion

How to Move emails from OST file to new Outlook

After searching a lot we came up with a one-in-all solution that is capable of transferring multiple OST files in a single attempt. This tool, Advik OST Converter, makes sure to secure email data and its hierarchy during the conversion process. Most importantly it is a very easy to use tool due to its simple user interface.

Let’s check the working of this powerful software in a descriptive manner.

Procedure to Transfer Emails from OST file to New Outlook

This transfer process will be completed in two stages. Firstly, users need to save the OST file into PST and after that this newly .pst file can be easily imported into an Outlook account. To begin with the step-by-step process.

As we already discussed there is no authentic manual method to move OST to PST, it requires the help of third-party software that is mentioned above. Let’s see how this tool performs OST to PST conversion.

Stage 1: Save PST from Ost using this software

Step 1. Install and Open this tool on the system.

Step 2. click on Select the files or folders and browse the OST file from the system.

Step 3. Users can select any folder from the OST file which needs to be transferred.

OST to PST conversion

Step 4. After that, select the file saving option to PST.

transfer OST to PST

Step 5. Also one can apply an email filter to move some selected emails.

Step 6. Browse the location to save the PST file and click on the Convert button.

move OST files into Outlook

Here, you successfully manage to save the PST file from the OST file. Now move to stage 2 and move this .pst file into the Outlook interface.

Stage 2: Transfer PST to new Outlook Account

Step 1. Open Outlook email client on your machines.

Step 2. Now click on File >> Open and Export >> Import and Export.

import PST to Outlook

Step 3. Select Import another file or programm >> Outlook email file(.pst).

Step 4. Locate the PST file from the system and click on the Next button.

Now the process is complete and you transfer emails from the OST file to the new Outlook account.

 Key Features of this Tool 

This tool has some amazing features that make it a standalone entity among other tools present in the market.

  • This tool offers multiple file saving options. One can transfer OST files into multiple file formats as per requirement.
  • One main feature of this tool is its smart approach to preserve email attributes while filing the conversion process.
  • Above that it is capable enough to export emails from MSG files into cloud-based servers ( Yahoo, office 365, Yandex, Zoho, and other email service providers.
  • Repair damaged or corrupted OST file as original with all email components presented in the converted file.
  • It supports Outlook all versions be it 2019, 2016, 2013, and other previous versions released by Microsoft.
  • Most importantly this tool is smart enough to automatically detect Outlook account and fetch email data file themselves.


As we already know that there is no official method to move emails from Ost files to PST format, it can only be done with a reliable tool. So that PST files can be imported in the Outlook interface, as this email client does not import OST files. So it is best suited to use above mentioned automated tool as it is qualified to do this conversion process with accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is it possible to transfer some selected emails from OST files?

Answer. Yes, with this tool users can export selective emails from OST files by simply applying the filter options and avoiding unwanted conversion.

Question 2. Can I move the OST file into the new Outlook manually?

Answer. No, there is no official method to transfer OST to the Outlook interface. This conversion required a third-party solution.

Question 3. Is the tool operate on Windows 11 Operating System?

Answer. Yes, this flexible software supports all Windows Operating systems be it Windows 11, 10, Vista, XP, and other previous versions.

Question 4. I use Outlook 2019 version, can this tool transfer the OST file to Outlook 2019 without altering any data?

Answer. Yes, this tool supports all Outlook versions without any glitches.

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