How To Teach Math To Child And Adult?


How To Teach Mathematics?

How to teach math with a child?

When a child is afraid of something, he tries to face the source of the fear as little as possible. This also applies to math. So the baby falls into a vicious circle: he did not prepare for the control – he received a low mark – there was an aversion to the subject and, as a result, complete demotivation. All this will lead to an increase in anxiety and affect the choice of profession.

To avoid this, you need to find gaps, strengthen and improve basic knowledge. When studying a subject, be guided by how best the child assimilates information – audibly or visually. Mathematics is an abstract material, the study of which should take into account the individual characteristics of the student. You can get the help of an online matrix determinant calculator to get the calculation done.

Instill interest in the subject

Let your child understand that this subject is not scary at all, but interesting, and should be understood. At school, some children find it boring and easy in the classroom, while others find it boring and difficult. There are many interesting problems in modern mathematics that are understandable to elementary school students. 

For example, in the book “Mathematics in Your Hands” there are many fascinating and visual problems. It is also recommended to find among different areas of mathematics what is interesting to you personally, and tell your child about it. Maybe you like solving geometric puzzles or building polyhedra from a constructor.


Try to play different arithmetic games. For example, in the number of neighbors: “I have a friend Olya, she lives in a high house, some of her neighbors live on the third floor, and others on the fifth. What floor does Olya live on? ” If the child is intimidated by a certain topic, think about what appropriate game you can think of to understand the issue.

If the child has problems with the account, you can play the board game “Turbo account”. The essence of the game is that with the help of it the kid will learn to instantly determine the number of objects on the cards, without counting them on his fingers. 

As a result, addition within ten will be easily brought to automatism. The game is great for children from 6 years old, but it is no less interesting for schoolchildren of 3-4 grades. There are several more interesting games for reaction speed, logic, and score: “Kotosov”, “Fruit”, “Barabashka” and “SET”.

In the play, children are much better at mastering a subject that once frightened them. If you instill interest in it in primary school, in high school, you can avoid problems with more complex formulas and rules.

How to teach mathematics as an adult?

Before you start studying, you should understand what you need math for. This will make it easier to build an individual strategy, choose the right materials and teachers. There are several basic guidelines for those who begin to study this science:

Practice verbal counting

Verbal counting is a useful exercise that teaches you to solve any problem in your mind. This is how we develop RAM, making the minimum number of notes, and we learn to solve quickly and a lot. Verbal counting trains endurance and mental processes, and also allows you to quickly tune in to the work process.

Train your speed

Start solving the examples with small runs at very high speed. As soon as you start to get tired or make mistakes, stop the process and get distracted. With this practice, you will be able to solve examples faster, and math throws will become longer.

Don’t waste time rewriting

You can guess the type of an example in a second and spend 15 seconds rewriting it. Try to solve examples verbally. For convenience, you can make notes in the textbook in pencil or on a draft.

Bring every level to automatism

It is important to understand that if the next level turns out slower, then the previous one is incomplete. Often, with complex material, attention is spent on simpler things that were not automated at the previous stage – rewriting, remembering formulas, or calculations.

Use cards

It is convenient to learn formulas, terms, and theories using flashcards. It is a great tool for memorizing any factual information: foreign words, chemical elements, and dates. When studying a new topic, highlight all the main formulas and rules with multi-colored highlighters, and then transfer them to cards. For more information on how you can memorize any information with the help of cards, see this video.

Practice all formulas and tasks in isolation

Take problem books, determine the required complexity and solve similar problems, bringing the rule to automatism. Don’t be overwhelmed by many different tasks. What has already been worked out does not need to be trained. 

The goal of a complex problem is to find a simple solution that was worked out at the previous level. For example, a complex equation needs to be reduced to the square one that you already studied.

Universal advice approaches

  • Analyze your knowledge

Figure out what you already know and what you don’t. It can be tricky but don’t rush to start from scratch. It is better to ask for help, for example, hire a tutor to diagnose and identify any gaps.

  • Pay attention to “social” math and financial literacy

Complex formulas and theorems linger in the head for a short time, if the professional activity is not connected with them in any way. But “everyday” mathematics is with us for life. We are talking about the ability to calculate utility rates, mortgage interest, loan overpayment, or the family budget. There are similar problems in textbooks, but you can learn how to solve them without leaving your home.

  • Decide not more, but deeper

Having found the answer, always try to come up with ways of checking to understand whether you have solved the problem correctly. Find multiple solutions for the same problem. The number of tasks will be fewer, but you will learn more. It is more useful to solve one problem in three ways than three in one.



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