How to Take Care of a Bulletproof Vest?


After years of trial and error, developers found materials and used them to build bulletproof vests. These market-leading materials are capable of cushioning, trapping, and preventing a bullet from penetrating the body. The term bulletproof vest refers to a vest that can withstand bullets.

It is a dangerous job to work in law enforcement. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police officers in the United States had an on-the-job fatality rate of about 20 per 100,000 officers in the last year.

People were unable to defend themselves against shooting for many years. A few choices provided minimal safety, but none of them could guarantee adequate bullet defence.

Maintenance guidelines for Bulletproof Vest- 

The lifespan of a Bulletproof Vest

Bulletproof vests or armors are made to preserve their protective properties for the time mentioned. The lifespan of the vest somehow depends on the supplier you choose. A quality vest can serve you up to 5 to 10 years. A body armor used daily loses its protective potential faster than one kept on a shelf.

Regardless of how long the vest has been used, it should be thoroughly examined for signs of wear, such as creases, tears, odors, and burns. If properly cared for, the vest should endure for the duration of the guarantee and a long time after it expires. Check your vest for signs of external damage regularly, and make sure to follow the care instructions.

You can wash the outer shell 

The Bulletproof Vest’s Outershell Carrier can be washed and cleaned over a particular period. Having two carriers for your armor is a good idea. You’ll always have a ready-to-wear vest, even if one of the carriers has just been washed. The alternative is not to wear your vest when wet, which could be risky. As a result, you should have at least two carriers – one to wash/clean and another to wear.

Our recommendation is to get a spare carrier. Keep the carriers clean and dry to ensure that the ballistic panels endure the whole warranty period. Also, store the vest in a manageable place as it is part of your wardrobe.

Best way to clean soft panels

The ballistic panels provide the actual bullet resistance, which is part of the vest. To ensure that they work properly, you must store, use, and clean them according to the instructions in the manual. Use a moist sponge and mild soap to clean the ballistic panels on the vest.

Never toss the panels in the washer or dryer. Also, Do not iron the vest as it will damage the bulletproof fibers. Our recommendation is to adhere to the cleaning guidelines strictly. This part of the bulletproof vest should not be washed or dried cleaned.

Place the Bulletproof vest in a safe place

Remember that ballistic panels are made up of multiple layers of bullet-resistant fibers. You won’t be able to straighten or iron them if they become bent or out of shape. So, if you leave your sweat vest crumpled on the floor, it will dry that way.

We recommend laying the panels and carrier flat to dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunshine. You can store vest in hanger in a wardrobe.

Don’t Make your body Armor Wet

Swimming while wearing a bulletproof vest is a terrible idea. This is because when the ballistic material in some bulletproof vests comes into direct contact with water, it loses its ballistic capability. When this occurs, it becomes vulnerable to bullet penetration. However, you can consider purchasing vests from suppliers who use water-resistant armor plates in all of their vests.

Our recommendation is always to inspect the ballistic panels for water resistance. Buying inexpensive armor can result in dangers later. Always invest in a vest that can endure weather circumstances.

Keep track of its fitting 

The vest’s size must correspond to the wearer’s physique. It’s a common misconception that the larger the vest, the better protected you are. When sitting, running, or completing routine tasks, the user must feel at ease with their vest.

Excessive protective coverage should not block movement. However, if you gain or lose weight, you’ll need to buy a new vest or choose a model with better size adjustment.

Don’t use pierced Vests

After a bullet or stab impact, the body armor’s guarantee is invalid. The ballistic material has been damaged in and around the impact area, and continuing use is not recommended. Unfortunately, you can’t repair a bulletproof vest. Instead, you must replace it continue using the product under warranty.

don’t use a vest which is stabbed or shot at by a gun. You can either recycle it or order a replacement part from the manufacturer. You should not attempt to repair the vest or any of its components on your own.

Arrange the panels properly

Ballistic panels can fit inside the carrier in a precise way. The implications of wrongly inserting them might be deadly. The bullet’s energy is scattered when it hit the face of the panel. The reverse of the panel is meant to reduce trauma. If the panel is inverted, there is no assurance that the system will operate.

The strike face for some ballistic solutions might be on both sides of the panel. We recommend always installing the panels according to the directions; most panels have labels indicating which side should face the body.

Bulletproof vests for female police officers

Women should only wear vests developed specifically for females to do their duties to the best of their abilities. These specially made vests come in a particular ergonomic shape to accommodate the female body and are created with the proper bra-style cups of the front ballistic panel.

In addition, female police or female military should invest in women’s body armor for maximum comfort and performance. Taking care of these vests is similar to taking care of bulletproof vests.

These are only a few of the most important things to know about bulletproof vests and how to care for them so that they retain their ballistic resistance. Make sure you’re following the above guidelines and maintaining the quality of your vest for a long time.


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