How to Style a Dashiki Dress for Any Occasion


Dressing up in African print clothing can be intimidating because of the vast number of different prints and designs that exist. It’s impossible to know which one would go best with what you have in your closet, and which one will make you look beautiful without looking too matchy-matchy or clashing with other people’s outfits at the party you’re attending. However, dashiki dresses are perfect for this kind of situation because they can easily be styled to suit any occasion, formal or informal, and they provide an excellent canvas on which to show off your personal style.

Consider layering

You can never have enough clothes in your wardrobe, but with the right mix of pieces, you’ll be set. A dashiki dress is versatile and can be styled as both a casual and formal wear. The more you layer on your dashiki dress, the more it becomes an extension of your personality. For example, if you want to style it as a classy attire, add on some jewelry pieces or pair it with some heels. You can also throw on a blazer or cardigan over the dashiki dress if you’re looking for something less formal yet still stylish. You don’t have to stop at just two layers!

Go with a classic colour like red, white, black or indigo

A dashiki dress is a colorful African print garment. It’s traditionally worn with the kufi cap, but it can also be worn in casual attire with sandals or heels. Here are some outfit ideas:
1) A dashiki dress paired with the matching kufi cap is formal wear and would be appropriate for occasions such as weddings, graduations, or other special events. You can make this look more casual by adding an African print headwrap and sandals or flats instead of heels.
2) A dashiki dress paired with black leggings and sneakers is perfect if you’re going to work out, teach yoga class, or wear it casually around the house.

Rock it with heels and accessories

A dashiki dress is an elegant and eye-catching choice that can be styled in endless ways. A dashiki dress is traditionally wear as a ceremonial garment by men, but women also wear this style of garment. The most common styles of dashikis are tunics or traditional shirts with long skirts. When wearing this style, it’s best to pair the top with trousers or jeans so that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a nightgown! Here are some other tips on how to rock your dashiki.

Wear it with tights and boots

A dashiki dress is the perfect wear for any woman looking to stand out in African print clothing. The dress is easy to style with tights and boots. It can be wear on formal occasions, casual wear, or as an outfit for your work day. Plus, the dashiki dress is great if you’re looking for something that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time!

Tuck it into trousers

A dashiki dress is an elegant garment with rich cultural and traditional roots that can be wear by men and women. Traditionally, the length of the dashiki dress falls just below the waistline, but it can be wear at any length. The fabric falls in two pieces from the front of the body, where they are join at the chest. The back has one piece of fabric that hangs down from behind.
To style your dashiki dress to wear as part of your everyday wardrobe, you can tuck it into a pair of black leggings or skinny jeans for work or school. For casual occasions like hanging out with friends or going shopping, consider pairing your dashiki dress with some flats and a cardigan sweater.

Wear it over jeans

Dressing up in African print clothing is so much fun! Here are some styling tips for your next event:
1) Wear it over jeans. You can use the dress as a top and wear it with black pants, or wear it with white jeans. Just make sure that you keep the right side of the shirt untucked so that it doesn’t stick out awkwardly.

2) Layer it with other pieces. Wear your dashiki dress under an oversized coat and add a belt around your waist, or wear it under a cardigan sweater and button the top buttons at the neckline of the dress.

3) Add flair. If you want to spice up your outfit, try wearing a colorful scarf around your shoulders. Or try layering it with different colors by pairing it with a striped tank top underneath.

4) Bring out the color in your eyes. Bright colors like reds and oranges look great against dark skin tones and will bring out any blue eye color like yours.

5) Put on some accessories! Try adding earrings or bracelets made of beads – these will give off that classic african-inspired look that everyone loves to see.
6) Get creative! If you have any materials from previous DIY projects (like fabric scraps or ribbons), cut them into strips and tie them together – this gives off a bohemian vibe perfect for summertime celebrations!

Wear It Under Rain Gear While Camping

I remember the first time I ever saw someone in a dashiki. It was at my high school orientation, and the woman wearing it was tall and blonde, with long hair that she braided down her back. The dashi’s color was vibrant against her pale skin, and I thought it looked so cool. Her outfit seemed effortless but classic; I wanted one too. So when I saw them online, I knew this is what I needed for camping.

If you’re like me and get excited about any occasion to wear something different (like a traditional African garment), then this is perfect for you. Just throw on some rain gear on top of your dashiki dress (and don’t forget those boots) and voila! You’re ready for whatever life throws at you. And I really hope it doesn’t start raining while we’re out there because that would suck. But if it does, then I’m going to look great in my African dresses.

Use as outerwear on cooler days

It’s important to choose the right dress for the occasion. It’s all about what you plan on doing with it. If you’re going to be laying out and want something that will stay put when wet, then there are some other considerations that need to be made. you’re not worry about getting the dress wet or dirty then you can go ahead and wear it as a cover up. If you’re looking for something in between formal and casual, throw on your favorite maxi skirt over your swimsuit! You’ll have an outfit that is perfect for those cool days at the pool.

Wear it as a swimsuit cover up on the beach

This spring, you can wear any African print clothing as a swimsuit cover up on the beach. Simply throw on an african dress over your bathing suit and walk along the shoreline. It’s perfect for when you want to take in some sun and sand but still want to maintain your modesty.
The dashiki dress is one of the most popular garments wear in Africa, so it’s no wonder that it has make its way onto American shores as well. The dashiki dress is typically wear by men in West Africa and consists of a long-sleeve shirt and wrap skirt. In other parts of Africa, like Ghana, women also wear this style of dress with the exception that they have shorter sleeves.


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