How to start an online exam over the internet and mobile?

How to start an online exam over the internet and mobile

The most frequently asked question that we get on Top Exam Grades is; can you do my exam online? Well, quite precisely, that is our job so we for sure can help you do your online exam. However, as a student-centered approach, we believe that it is our duty to help you out with any exam query that you have. Therefore, in this blog, we will help you out with some tips that you can look at while starting your exam over the internet via your mobile phone!

Get Access To The Medium

It goes on without saying that the first step to starting or preparing for an online exam is to have the medium with which you are going to give your online exam. Normally, your instructor or online teacher. Already communicates. To you the medium that you are supposed to use for your online exam. In most cases. The online exam paper is prepared and uploaded on mediums like. Exam On Air. And so on. However, there is no fixed rule that these renowned mediums would be used only for online exams. Your institute might have its. Own LMS system on which your exam paper would be uploaded.

Thus, the first step is to know the medium that you are going to use for your online exam. Take your time and look into the interface of that medium so. That on your exam day. You are already well-acquainted with the medium.

Register And Create An Account

After confirming the medium with which you are about to give your online exam, it is now time to sign up and register your account. If you are using mediums like the ones mentioned above, you would need to create an account first. First, you will have to fill in your details like your name, your valid Email, your contact, and some other stuff. However, some institutes allot some roll numbers and identities that are unique to each student to avoid the same-name saga. This is why before logging in, you need to ask your instructor for clear instructions about the registration process. And, we recommend that you do this process long before your due exam date and time so that everything is ready and well-prepared for your actual exam day.

Talk To Your Instructor

Have a word with your instructor and ask them about their expectations regarding the Do My 0nline Exam that you are about to take. Most of the time, teachers and online instructors provide you with a list of rules and regulations without you asking for it. They do so just so you and other students can get on the same page before the exam to avoid any inconvenience. However, if despite getting an instructions page, you are having some confusion or queries, ask your instructor! We recommend that you do this long before the exam so that you don’t have any queries or confusion on the exam day. Another thing that you must ask your instructor is what exactly is he or she expecting from you in your paper so that you can attempt your exam likewise.

Make Sure Your Phone Has A Stable Internet Connection

When speaking of online exams, the most important thing is your internet connection because, without it, you’re pretty much disconnected from the world. There is no secret in the fact that the internet has changed the way you used to perceive things. Physical exams used to be far easier than online exams because now that the academic world has shifted to online, there is a lot more that goes into the preparation of your exam. Apart from the actual study preparation. You now have to prepare all your gadgets. Just so you can. Get done with. Your exam smoothly online. Therefore, you must make sure that you have a stable internet connection otherwise you have pretty much nothing, to be honest. Just in case, if you can manage, keep a wireless internet device on standby just so you can switch to it in case of any mishap during your exam.

Set A Reminder

Although it is nearly impossible for a student to forget the starting date and time of the exam, you never know! As the exam season approaches, the pressure builds on and on and so does the anxiety in students. Often it happens that some students cripple so much under that anxiety and exam fear that they end up missing the exam! Yup, believe it or not, it actually happens so you have to be extra cautious. To avoid this mishap, we propose that you set a reminder just to be sure that you don’t end up compromising your exam in any case. Set an alarm a while before the exam so that you can get up early and wind up any extra preparation and recheck all gadgets to ensure a smooth online exam.

Ensure That Your Phone Is Charged

Another important thing to keep in mind while looking forward to your online exam via your mobile phone is to check for charging. You definitely don’t want your phone to breathe its last while you are in the process of completing your exam. Therefore, make sure to keep your phone fully charged before the exam starts. In addition to this, we suggest that you also keep a charged power bank ready at your disposal. The thing about technology is that regardless of the fact that it has made lives so much easier, they are also unreliable at the same time. You can never fully trust a gadget and leave your grades at the mercy of it, what if your phone’s battery starts acting out in the middle of your exam? This is why it is better to take precautions first rather than regret them later.

Keep An Alternative At Hand

Another alternative to keeping a power bank is to use a replacement phone. If you don’t have a power bank, no big deal, you can always take help from family. You can simply ask one of your family members for this favor to keep their phone on standby in case your phone starts acting out in the middle of the exam. Look for a phone that is compatible with the medium that you are using for your exam and get ready to finally ace your exam!

To conduct web-based online exams, administrators need good web-based online exam software like Conduct Exam. This exam software runs on a web platform anytime, anywhere. Web-based online exams allow multiple users to share and modify exam content at the same time. Candidates can choose their preferred date. Web-based online exams are very suitable for educational institutions. Businesses, corporations, and universities. As student performance records. Can be properly maintained. Through this system. Individual analysis is easily possible. Users can get accurate and instant results after completing the test.


So, these are a few important tips that you must consider while bracing yourself for an online exam. We hope that this blog by us will help you in getting ready for your online exam. If you have any more queries related to online exams, you can ask us to do my exam online via our website. Top Exam Grades will be more than happy in helping you score the best grades for your online exams!


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