How to start a perfume business in Dubai

prfume business

The fragrance has a unique role in the human sensory experience. The essence of perfumes is to transport the wearer back in time to happy memories. Perfume has a distinctive identifier that is well-known in the UAE market. Known as “Attar,” a concentrated essential oil obtained from botanical sources, the UAE boasts a promising perfume industry with a large potential market. The perfume factory in Dubai is one of the region’s most lucrative. Dubai is where you can find the most expensive fragrances. Every entrepreneur who wants to open a perfume shop in Dubai must follow a series of laws and restrictions. Find out how to do it.

Understand the Market of Perfume Business

prfume business

When it comes to foreign trade in the Middle East, fragrances have always had a significant impact. Native components from the area have made their way throughout the world and are now well-known. Companies from over the world have rushed to the GCC to take advantage of the ex-pat and local markets’ high levels of disposable income and penchant for high-end products. Many small businesses have seen a rise in recognition because of the power of social media in recent years.

In Dubai, How Do You Begin a Business?

There are rules and regulations that must be followed while beginning a business of perfume manufacturers in UAE, just like any other business. To open a business in Dubai for Indian investors, the first step is to plan, next to implement, and last to secure business permission.  

  • The First Step Is To Create A Company Plan.  

Determine your business goals, write down your mission statement and objectives, as well as the money and budget you need for your company.  

  • The second step is to innovate.  

Create a team of professionals and researchers to help you develop your own scents. Essential oils in scents of your choice can be used to investigate various perfume formulas or to create a custom combination. You should start with the most popular scents on large-scale manufacturing after you’ve blended and tested a couple.  

  • Buying Bottles and Designing Packaging is the third step.  

Consult wholesalers for aroma testers, samples, and bottles, and then create your own Packaging. It’s also possible to choose the form and size of the bottle that best reflects the scent of your perfume.  

  • Build A Brand  

Obtain a trademark registration for perfume companies in UAE by creating a logo. Designers can help you create an appealing perfume logo that attracts your target audience if you employ them.

  • A business license

The first step in starting perfume trading companies in Dubai is to obtain a business license. Dubai’s licensing agency, DED, issues perfume licenses (Department of Economic Development).

  • Setting up a factory is the final step.

There are various free zones in Dubai where you may start a perfume company if you’re an Indian investor. The Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai and the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai are two locations where perfume manufacturing units can be established. 

In Dubai, What Documents Are Necessary to Open a (Perfume) Business?

To launch a perfume company in Dubai, an Indian investor requires more than just a perfume trade license from the Department of Economic Development. These are some examples of documents of this type:

  • Experimentation with Perfumes  
  • Your company’s official registration document  
  • Detailed report on the fragrances you plan to market  
  • Free-spending certificate  
  • In Dubai, how much does it cost to open a perfume shop?  

In Dubai, starting a perfume company might cost as much as AED 40,000 or more. You’ll need to figure out the launch costs for a new perfume company in Dubai if you’re an Indian investor. Perfume development, assembly, filling, design, and Packaging all contribute to the cost of your perfume brand.

There are other fees you may have to pay, such as staff’ wages in Dubai, as well as the rent for your business located there. One-time and recurrent fees for Indian investors and expatriates are also part of the setup costs.

Is the UAE a Good Place to Start a (Perfume) Business?

  • An important and expanding area of the UAE’s economy.  
  • The United Arab Emirates has a well-developed transportation infrastructure that makes it easier to do business.  
  • In the United Arab Emirates, there is land available for both start-ups and established businesses.  
  • Offshore and Mainland areas are both present.  
  • Get a business license in a matter of minutes.  
  • Faster access to adjacent nations for imports and exports.

We might say that the UAE has a huge possibility for a perfume brand. The United Arab Emirates has the potential to be both a developing and international area.  

As a bonus, investors and entrepreneurs may rapidly choose a target market that provides them with a good chance to start their own firm. If you’re interested in starting a business in Dubai, now is the right moment. When conducting business in a foreign country, it is important to remember that local regulations apply.  


For both local and foreign investors, Dubai’s perfume sector is expanding. Customers from all over the world come to Dubai to shop for their favorite perfume brands. In addition, Dubai’s perfume product variety is unsurpassed in contrast to other fragrance centers.

In addition, Indian investors have access to free trade in Dubai and other Emirates if they set up a firm on the ground. It is possible for Indian entrepreneurs and other foreigners to launch a perfume factory in Dubai. In order to streamline the process of getting started, you may reach out to professionals who can assist you with banking, licensing, and other transactional tasks.


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