How to Split VCF Contacts to Multiple Files?


Do you want to split VCF contacts to multiple files? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article covers the complete process to split a VCF file into multiple contacts. Users can easily split the data without facing any problem.

The person managing the entire business unit may initially have a VCF file to store all information about employees, customers, customers, etc. Recently, however, it has become very difficult to manage such a large company with this single VCF file. Therefore, VCF needs to be split into multiple files to easily separate the contacts according to their requirements or parameters. At the same time, multiple VCF files need to be combined into one file. Therefore, after creating a manageable vCard contact file, the information can be shared easily. 

In this blog, we try to find the perfect solution to split VCF into multiple files. The possible solutions will help if you follow all the steps mentioned in this article correctly. Follow this article to find out and learn more.

Split VCF Contacts to Multiple Files – Manual Steps

  • The first step is to go to C: / Users /% username% / contacts and click on the Import option
  • Then select the VCF file option from the Import Windows Contacts pane and click the Import button
  • Now select import VCF file and locate the vCard file in your system
  • Select the desired file to separate the vCard files and click the OK button
  • The final step is to change the details of each contact as needed.

Step 2 – Export Windows Contacts to Single VCF File

  • First, navigate to C:\Users\%username%\Contacts and hit the export button
  • Select the VCF file and click the Export button
  • Now select the destination path to save the VCF file
  • Click the OK button to save the single VCF file.

Limitations: Performing manual methods can face a variety of consequences. Some of them are here:-

  • In general, this process is very difficult and tedious.
  • This process may not produce 100% valid results and may result in lost or blocked contacts.
  • The user needs technical experience to perform these steps. If not, it will be difficult.
  • This process can consume a lot of valuable time.
  • Therefore, other alternatives are always desirable.

Best Alternative Software to Split VCF Contacts to Multiple Files

The manual method has many problems that can complicate the process. To get around this, there is the ultimate solution i,e VCF Split & Merge Tool. This allows users to create multiple vCard contacts from a single VCF file. With this utility, you can easily split multiple VCF files without losing contacts, which can be completed in minutes without hassle. Regardless of size, you can easily add a VCF file and then split the file into sections to easily manage your contacts and share them with others. This application is easy to use and comes with a consistent GUI that is easy for novice users to use. The application maintains and maintains the folder hierarchy and avoids obstacles to it. This tool is fast and provides 100% accurate results.

The program stores all contact information such as name, phone number, email ID, photo and description. After splitting the VCF file, get all the contacts in the same way. The software does not change the properties of the contact. Various VCF files are supported by MS Outlook, Skype, iCloud, G Suite, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, and software created by various other email clients, platforms, and devices.

Split VCF Contacts to Multiple Files  – Stepwise Guide

  • Download and Launch the software

Download and launch the software

  • Add multiple VCF files by selecting the Add File and Add Folder options

Click Add VCF file

  • The software will then display a preview of the selected VCF file

preview of the selected VCF file

  • Click the Export or Export Selected button and continue

Click the Export or Export Selected

  • Then, select the “Split vCard” option and go to the advanced settings

select the "Split vCard"

  • Verify the desired version of the VCF file after processing

desired version of the VCF file

  • Then the rest is to specify the path to the exported VCF file and click the “Exportbutton.

click the "Export" button.


In this blog, we learn how to split VCF contacts to multiple files using the two best methods. Depending on what is most convenient for you, you can choose between manual or tool-based automation solutions. This software is 100% safe and expertly tested to easily split multiple VCF files. You can quickly test the demo version to test its performance and efficiency.

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