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selling used mobile phones in India

Old phones can give you no advantage when they are in your drawer, gathering dust on them. Meanwhile, if you want to dispose of these old smartphones, you must carefully do it. If you throw away old phones into the dump or carelessly dispose of them, these phones can threaten the environment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the old mobile phones are discarded correctly. One of the most prominent ways to get rid of old mobile phones is by selling them. Thus, if you are looking forward to selling your old mobile phone, this article will guide you through selling old phones with utmost convenience. 

There are numerous options available in the market to sell used mobile phone in India. However, choosing a trusted platform to sell used mobile phones is essential. Selling old phones through any random platform can lead to fraud and can put you in a state of trouble. Therefore, you should go with a known and trustworthy platform when it comes to selling used phones. To help you with the process, here is a step-by-step guide for you to sell old smartphones without any hassle. 

You can sell used phones in India to Cashify as it is one of the most trusted platforms for selling old mobile phones. Cashify accepts old mobile phones and offers cash for the same. Here’s how you can perform the process of selling old phones with Cashify. Firstly, you can download the Cashify app or visit the website. You can start by logging in or signing up to the Cashify app or website. You can then search for the mobile phone you want to sell. Once you find the phone, you will see the value of that particular mobile phone. Cashify ensures that the customer receives maximum value for their old phone. Therefore, this is the best price that you will receive for your old mobile phone. 

Moving further, once you have the price, you can book a free doorstep pickup for the old phone. The free doorstep pickup service at Cashify is easy to book. You can schedule the pick-up at your home or workplace at a convenient time for you. Once you schedule the pickup, a Cashify technician will be there at your doorstep to collect the smartphone. 

Once the technician picks up the mobile phone, he will pay you instant cash for the old phone. Therefore, you get instant money for selling used phones at Cashify. Moreover, at Cashify, your phone’s privacy is intact with a factory-grade data wipe when you sell used phones to Cashify. Meanwhile, Cashify offers a valid purchase invoice when you sell used phones. Therefore, complete transparency is maintained with the customers. Thus, Cashify is one of India’s most convenient and user-friendly platforms for selling old mobile phones. The platform offers doorstep pickup, the best prices, factory-grade data wipes and a valid purchase invoice. 

Additionally, you can sell your old phones at Cashify without stepping out of your house or visiting a store. You can sell the old phones in the comfort of your home or workplace. Cashify also ensures that the old phones do not end up in a landfill polluting the environment. Meanwhile, Cashify replaces the damaged parts of the phone, makes the phone worth using, and then resells the device as a refurbished one. Thus, Cashify makes it easier for you to sell used mobile phones in India. 

There are multiple other ways, too, through which you can sell your old phones. These include a local retail shop or exchanging the old phone for a new one. However, if your old phone is too damaged, you cannot exchange it for a new one. Moreover, you won’t get cash when you use this method to sell used mobile phones. Thus, if you fail to exchange your old phone for a new one, you will have to pay the extra amount. Meanwhile, your old phone will remain unsold. 

On the other hand, selling your old phone through retail stores might not receive the maximum value or the best price for them. There is also a threat of misusing your data when selling old phones through non-authorized shops. Therefore, you must choose an authentic platform to sell used mobile phones in India. Cashify is the most trustworthy platform as it is convenient for customers to sell old phones through Cashify. 

We have mentioned the process of selling old phones through one of the most trustworthy platforms, Cashify, above. You can earn instant cash, receive doorstep delivery, factory-grade data wipes and many other benefits by selling old phones through Cashify. The steps mentioned above will make it easier for you to follow the smartphone selling procedure. Therefore, you can check out the step-by-step guide and sell used mobile phones on Cashify without hassle.



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