How to Sell OpenCart Inventory on Google Shopping, Etsy, and eBay?

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The only trend that hasn’t changed over the past ten years is online selling. Additionally, the global COVID pandemic had no impact on the eCommerce sector. According to reports, the sector has developed irrationally, particularly during the COVID era. This is due to the fact that eCommerce changes as a result of market developments. For instance, if we consider well-known online markets like eBay, at first these markets were renowned for B2B selling. Only in the 2010s were bulk orders for the products possible for the vendors. As the market expanded, these marketplaces enhanced their operational strategy and began dealing with the commercial customer segment as well. In order to locate their ideal match, millions of customers visit eBay, marketplaces, and Google Shopping every day. The alternative method of selling online is through brand websites, which are similar. Online shops can create their own eCommerce websites using a variety of eCommerce platforms. For illustration, let’s discuss OpenCart. One of the most popular eCommerce platforms, OpenCart enables anyone to quickly set up a shop and launch their business. We will emphasize how simple it is for OpenCart users to sell on eBay, marketplaces, and Google Shopping in this article. But before you get started, it’s wise to consider the advantages and disadvantages of marketplace selling.


Motives to sell!

There are no issues with the technology.

Digital sites for marketplaces are administered by their dependable and competent technical team. These markets can handle massive levels of traffic at any given time and have extremely few technical problems. You might be able to save time and money by selling on these platforms rather than investing a lot of time and money in maintaining your website’s technical details. Also, you don’t need to assemble a sizable staff to manage your marketplace operations. You will receive assistance from the marketplace with everything, including opening your shop and taking orders.

Logistics Administration:

Delivery and shipping are essential steps in the online business process. You’ll save time and money on logistics if you sell your goods on marketplaces. Marketplaces take care of every part of product distribution and shipment as soon as merchants receive orders. Marketplaces also handle returns and exchange orders to help online sellers. Small retailers save a tonne of money as a result.

Costs associated with marketing and promotion are one of the challenges that every e-commerce company must overcome. It initially costs a lot of money to promote the websites in order to build brand awareness and attract clients.

However, online stores like eBay and Etsy have their own avenues for advertising and promotion. For customers to use their platforms, marketplaces have to invest a lot of money. As a result, you might be able to save more money for other elements of your business.

Pre-Build Audience Base:

Only their devoted fan base distinguishes marketplaces as good venues for online commerce. Customers usually prefer shopping on marketplaces like eBay to doing so on other sites. As a result, eBay sees thousands of orders every day.

On the other hand, it takes far more work to build a devoted consumer base when selling through online stores. Marketplaces are thus the perfect platform for new enterprises to sell their products.

The aforementioned are a few of the top benefits of internet selling. Additionally, you may have heard a tonne of rumors concerning markets. Some claim that internet markets are a bad location to make purchases. Customers still have a lot of faith in the markets and their e-commerce platforms, though.

Additionally, OpenCart retailers can advertise their products on well-known online stores like eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping. Knowband has created API-based OpenCart Marketplace Connectors with more than a decade of experience in the eCommerce sector. Additionally, the connectors are accessible for Google Shopping, Etsy, and eBay.

OpenCart’s Google Shopping Connector

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

You can list your feed on the Google query items page with the Knowband OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension. With the OpenCart plugin, setting up and connecting the OpenCart store to Google Shopping is simple. Using the client ID and client ID, the storekeeper must log into the Google Developer dashboard. A store manager may easily and rapidly link any item in their inventory to Google after configuring the Google Shopping OpenCart Integration.


In the log reports, the store owners may now keep track of their Google Data. Additionally, real-time stock data synchronization between OpenCart and Google Merchant Center is available to merchants. Additionally, through their OpenCart back-end, OpenCart Online Sellers can also add several shipping themes. As a result, listing products on Google Shopping is made easy with the Knowband OpenCart Goggle Shopping Integration Extension.

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integrator by Knowband:

OpenCart Etsy Integration module

One of the largest markets, Etsy, has a substantial number of buyers and merchants. Many people scan the market every day for the things they’re seeking for. Any online store can advertise its goods and improve its online presence on Etsy, an open-source commercial hub. Your OpenCart shop’s entire inventory can be quickly depleted on the Etsy Marketplace. Using a single administrator board, the Knowband Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension makes it easier to list things in the two web stores.

etsy Marketplace

The Application ID and Application Secret, which are both easily generated through the Etsy Developer interface, are required by the Etsy OpenCart API Integrator. Additionally, this is the key benefit of using the OpenCart Etsy API Connector. In their online store, the retailers can control the Etsy order. Additionally, the Knowband OpenCart Etsy Connector Extension manages multi-platform selling with no coding or technical expertise required.

OpenCart eBay Integration Extension:


Retailers using OpenCart may quickly and easily build an eBay listing thanks to Knowband’s OpenCart eBay connection plugin. Save time by using the Knowband OpenCart eBay integration plugin. Simply put, you can use every eBay listing option available from the OpenCart shop admin panel by using the eBay connection module. Modern API construction techniques were used to create the Knowband OpenCart eBay API connector plugin.


The modules make it simple to integrate the OpenCart store with the eBay Marketplace. From installing plugins to making sales on the eBay Marketplace, retailers can relax. Additionally, eBay is renowned for charging commissions to sellers. The OpenCart eBay Connector’s pricing management function is available to OpenCart vendors. In this case, online merchants might charge more for identical OpenCart products on the eBay marketplace.

Are you aware?

OpenCart online retailers can use their eCommerce site to create multi-vendor Marketplaces in addition to selling on the marketplaces. Similarly, OpenCart eCommerce merchants for eBay and Etsy can permit outside vendors to offer their goods on the OpenCart store. In exchange, the administration can decide how much of every sale the sellers would receive in commission.

This is the finest feature of the OpenCart Multi-Vendor marketplace plugin by Knowband. The businesses’ ultimate proprietors, the merchants, will have the final say on whom they will allow to sell their goods.

The OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension also gives sellers the ability to control their orders. The Extension provides a unique dashboard for managing all of the sales operations of third-party sellers.

As a result,

The present trend in the internet eCommerce sector is selling on several channels. Additionally, OpenCart Online retailers are able to sell on Google Shopping, Etsy, and eBay thanks to Knowband Marketplace Connectors. For added security, the connectors include a lifetime usability module and a one-time payment.


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