How To Sell A Houses In Qatar?


As experts in real estate brokerage in Qatar, one of the questions we frequently hear from our expat clients is whether they are allow to sell their houses. That happens sometimes even from the moment of buying, as there are people that comprehend the potential in investing in real estate in Qatar. And yes, with 6-10% ROI for property and property tax-free, investing in real estate is an opportunity to catch -especially in The Pearl which has the greatest return on investment in the local market.

About this subject, we have previously discussed it thoroughly. Today we are going to detail you about selling an apartment or villa in Qatar, the range of prices for properties, the documents you need, and what to do next – especially if you are a foreigner.

1. Are foreigners allowed to sell properties in Qatar?

Actually, foreigners are allowed to own properties in Qatar. Consequently, expats are allowed both to buy and sell properties.

You may find more about the areas where you are allowing to buy and sell in Qatar in our previous articles.

2. Is it profitable to invest in properties in Qatar?

Yes, it is, as previously described. In the close future, we forecast a greater growth in selling volume, implicitly in price. That would be own by the approaching FIFA World Cup 2022.

The main arguments to sell your property in Qatar, regardless of the type (apartment, villa, even land) are the great ROI ( 6-8% as previously stated) and relaxed taxation in this country.

3. What do you have to know before selling a house?

First of all, analyze the market price per segment.

-If there is no urgency in selling the house, take your time for the entire real estate process, visiting time.

  • – Selling a house can be a long-term process, especially if you are doing it for profit only. If you are in a rush, do not negotiate too low under the market. Our recommendation is to take a longer range of time for selling the house and keep the price up to the market.
  • -Research your potential market, draw a buyer profile. Expats moving to Qatar are a starting point, hence, list your advert in English.
  • – Plan a scheduled time for visiting and announce the potential buyers when you are available.
  • – Do not stop promoting the property for sale unless you close the contract. A verbal promise is not a deed.

4. Property Prices in Qatar

Before listing a property, take care to fix the correct price. A good resource is the real estate portals in Qatar, – being the largest of all. Also, check within our portfolio or you can contact us for assistance.

5. Time for closing the real estate sale contract. What documents do you need?

The property transfer procedure is simple and low cost. All you need is:

  • – ID (or passport, if applicable), original, and copy.
  • – Property deeds in original and copy. Property Act can be a sales contract authenticated by a notary public, a donation contract, a certificate of an heir, a judgment, etc.
  • – Tax certificate. A tax certificate is obtained from the Directorate of Local Taxes of where the property is situating. The certificate is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
  • – Energetic certificate.

The easiest way to sell your house is to ask for specialized assistance. We are here to help you to sell your property on your behalf.

Living In Doha

Most likely if you are reading this you feel like making a shift in your career and choose to move to Qatar. As there is no perfect place to live, we are here to give you some hints about living in Qatar, regardless of whether you choose Doha, Lusail, or another new city.

We are to describe to you several aspects about safety, costs of living, cultural impact, and social atmosphere.

Is it safe to live in Doha?

Yes, it is very safe to live in Doha. Actually, it was nominating as one of the safest countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Also, Qatar is the 30th safest country in the world, according to World Population Review. The top took into account criteria such as international and domestic conflicts, social safety and security, and militarization. Qatar is a very safe country with a low crime rate and no conflicts.

Is Qatar a good country to live and work in?

Qatar is a new country, developing on the modern structure and with the help of a foreign workforce. As the population is mainly formed out of expats, there is a cosmopolitan society, integrating well with other nationalities and locals.

Salaries vary, being comparable with Europe or the USA, the great difference coming from the fact that there are no income taxes. Depending on the job type, the work structure is very well consider and the program is relaxing. There are expert jobs that include job packages like a car or car allowance, companies paying the apartment for rent in Qatar, indemnity leave, or other benefits.

What is the basic salary in Doha?

The minimum salary is a bit above 2000 QAR, which is quite small considering the costs of living. To picture the size of the salary level, the cheapest apartment for rent in Doha in our portfolio is around 5500 QAR. A medium local salary is above 15000 QAR, which provides a relatively decent living, but not luxurious.

We wrote more about salaries in 5 things you should know before relocating to Qatar.

Is Doha expensive compared to salary?

Doha is an expensive city. As provided by the example above, it also depends on the salary and the job that you are to do in Qatar. Consider that a meal for two costs you around 180 QAR and a 33 cl bottle of water 1 QAR (more examples about prices in Qatar here).


In our portfolio, the cheapest rent is for a studio – 5500 QAR – and depending on the amenities, the number of rooms and area and for a rented apartment you may pay 10 000 QAR / monthly.

Are there strong cultural differences in Qatar?

Actually, there are! Doha is mainly inhabit by expats. In fact, the Qatari population represents a bit above 10% of the total population of Qatar. There are cultural differences between locals and expats, but also there are foreigners from all over the world, bringing their own way of being and their own culture.

Yet, Qatar is a modern country and one may find plenty of entertainment for spare time.

How is the social atmosphere in Doha?

As previously said, Qatar is a safe country and Doha’s social atmosphere reflects it. The capital is family and business-oriented, the atmosphere is friendly and targets growth. Actually, the growth might be also seen in developing cities. Doha is a multicultural environment where people cohabit and work together in a productive and friendly manner.

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