How to Save Hotmail Emails as PDF Format ?

How to Save Hotmail Emails as PDF Format ?

Summary – Do you want to access your Hotmail data in a PDF file? If yes, then you have to save Hotmail emails as PDF. PDF files are one of the easiest and most commonly used file formats.  Hence, in this write-up, I am going to reveal effective methods to shift your data into an offline mode. But before that, let us first know some vital reasons for forwarding Hotmail emails to PDF files.

Hotmail emails was once a very popular free webmail service. This email client is now managed by Microsoft and is substituted as However, users prefer to migrate their data from Hotmail to an offline folder because of data security and PDF stands to be the best option for it. Additionally, this format renders some other benefits due to which users prefer to move their important files into a PDF file.

Why to Save Hotmail Emails as PDF Format?

  • Password Protection -You can secure a PDF file by setting a password in it. This will ensure the complete safety of your data and avoid any data loss. To do that, you can take help from DRS PDF Password Protection Tool and set a lock on your data.
  • Backup of Deleted Files – When any of your Hotmail emails get deleted unknowingly then you can easily restore your data from your computer if you have kept a backup PDF file.
  • Sudden Server Crash – There may be a scenario when you urgently need some data and the Hotmail server got crashed. In such a case, the Hotmail emails saved in PDF format are a savior for you. 

These are some of the reasons for which users want to export Hotmail Emails in PDF format. After learning about the advantages of transferring data from the Hotmail account to a PDF, it is essential to know the techniques to do the same.

Manual Method to Export Hotmail Emails as PDF Format 

If you want to save Hotmail emails in PDF format by performing the DIY technique then you have to follow the steps given below – 

  • Log in to your Hotmail account.
  • Then choose the emails that you want to migrate into a PDF file.
  • Now, move to the More Actions button and hit on the Print option.
  • After you click on the Print option, go to the destination option.
  • From the dropdown list, choose Save as PDF.
  • Here, hit on the save option.
  • At last, set the name and location for the file. 
  • And finally, hit on the Save option to finish off the task.

The manual method is free of cost and can successfully convert Hotmail emails into PDF format. But this approach needs sufficient time to perform the complete procedure. Moreover through this technique, you cannot export a bulk amount of Hotmail emails in PDF format.

Therefore, it is recommended to try out the professional method to save Hotmail emails in PDF format. 

Professional Method to Convert Hotmail Emails into PDF Files 

The best mode to save Hotmail emails as PDF Format is by using automated software like DRS Hotmail Backup Tool. It is a leading utility that can perform the data migration task very efficiently. This application allows users to backup and converts Hotmail emails into multiple other file formats and email clients. You can simply download the tool and perform your task efficiently. 


In this guide, two different methods are discussed to save Hotmail emails in PDF format. The first method is manual technique and requires expert knowledge.  Whereas, the professional mode is an easy, safe, and authentic means of Hotmail email conversion. By using this smart automated tool you can get perfect results with minimum time and effort.  


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