How to run a successful virtual award ceremony?

virtual award ceremony

The world is going digital, and so must you. Digital experiences are great when it comes to the industry of events and ceremonies. A customer opting for a virtual award ceremony would have gone through the dilemma of whether to cancel or postpone the event. With the necessity of the show, going digital can be lucrative. Although the event will come up with numerous benefits, some challenges come with it. The process takes some skills, no matter how much experience you have under your belt. This article will guide you on how you can have a successful digital award show. Read to learn how!

Tips on a smooth virtual award ceremony:

Once you have decided to go digital, you must understand the entire process. There are a few challenges involved in the way that you must take care of. Digital shows become a compelling option when the alternate option is NO EVENT AT ALL. Keeping aside the benefits, let’s dive first into the process of how to do it.

1. Make a schedule:

Things can go smoothly if you have a well-prepared roadmap in your hand. A good event is one that is based on a planned schedule. Better write things down on a paper to make sure nothing of importance misses out. The major benefit of a program is that event activities will go swiftly and unmissed. A proper plan can help you reduce the event risk up to a great extent.

2. Choose a virtual event platform:

With a decline in in-person events due to health concerns, virtual events took the leading role. No one knew much about digital media for events until NOW. The first step of an online award show is choosing which platform you will be using. The best way to solve this puzzle is to hire a professional experiential event agency in Dubai. Depending on your audience’s size, these experts will choose the best media that will work out for your show.

3. Acclimate your communication:

Since it is not an in-person event, you need to sort out in advance the communication methods. How would you present the award to the winner? How would you pass on the mic to the audience if someone wants to have a say? Of course, there will be some tweaks when you take your event online. It would help if you adapted these presentations for streaming well before the event date. Despite being difficult, these activities are still doable with an expert event agency by your side.

4. Invite your attendees:

Make a list of who your attendees would be and find ways to invite them to the show. Since it would be an online event, you can send text messages, emails or call them directly. Take an easy path for both you and your audience. Make sure your message reaches the attendees well before the commencement date to avoid any mishaps. Also, mention the platform, guest speakers and time of the event to curate the audience.

5. Include the jury:

An award function would be incomplete without the jury. Since judges decide who the winners would be, their inclusion makes the event perfect. Grant them access to announce the winners at the right time. Their presence is a must because they make an unbiased decision and uplift the morale of the losers. When sending out invitations to the attendees, don’t forget to invite them, too.

  1. Take sponsorships:

Sponsors, virtual or actual, can improve the outlook of events. Brands often sponsor events to generate sales and enhance brand awareness. Partnering with the most favorite brand of the audience can boost their interest and number for your event. Moreover, it can bring in necessary fundings for your event if you are running short on money. Putting it simply, sponsorship can take your event to an entire new ground.

  1. Practice your event:

You might have heard the phrase: practice makes a man perfect. The word is not just limited to man; it can make you excellent at anything. You can check the platform and technological tools you will be using in the event. Doing so will make sure you don’t run into any problems. If you spot anything wrong, involve the experiential Event Agency in Dubai. An expert approach will not only mitigate the issue but prevent it from happening in the future.

  1. Measure the success:

Make some time to measure the success of your event using certain metrics. One is Attendees Raio (AR), which compares the number of attendees against those who registered. Another metric is exit surveys. Collect feedback from the audience and see if you met their expectations. These calculations are important to correct the wrongs for future events.

Need assistance with your virtual events?

Online shows and programs are not easy to arrange. Take your digital events to a new level by hiring the services of professional event agencies. Their advanced tools and approach can make sure your show stands out.


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