How to Return Clothes to SHEIN?

How to Return Clothes to SHEIN
How to Return Clothes to SHEIN

When it comes to the best e-commerce platform in terms of fashion and accessories then SHEIN is the only name most fashion lovers will suggest. It is a one-stop platform for all kinds of items related to fashion, trends, and jewelry. You can find the items as per your choice and at a very affordable range. Be it men, women or children, it offers a wide range of amazing products and clothing. Not only this Shein Customer Service is active 24*7 to help the customers and it will assist you in case of any queries.

Before purchasing clothing or any other product online, you should be informed of the return policies, as the difficulties of returning these items may persuade you not to purchase them. However, SHEIN is an excellent example because we can buy and return garments and other items in a few simple steps. And SHEIN return policy is easy and convenient, which helps you in returning the item without any chaos.


Are you dissatisfied with the product? You wish to return your purchase because you bought the wrong item or for any other reason. We’d like to share some useful information with you. You must read Shein’s return policy in order to receive your answers.

Shein Return Policy gives clients 45 days to return their items. If your purchase item does not meet your expectations, you have 45 days from the date of delivery to return it. In return, you needed the original receipt.

To return your order, you must follow a few simple steps:

  • Go to your Shein account and sign in.
  • Find your order in My Order and select the Return Item button.
  • Choose the item you want to return, explain why, and click the submit button.
  • Pack your return item safely and wait for the delivery person to come to your house to take it up.

Must Remember: Swimwear, undergarments, bodysuits, pet supplies, DIY supplies,  party supplies, beauty products, and jewelry are among the items that cannot be returned or exchanged at Shein.

Must ensure the following while making any return on shein:

Make sure you don’t wait too long to return your SHEIN order: you have 45 days from the date of purchase to return it.

Products that have been damaged: If you want to return a product because it has been damaged, you must first contact SHEIN customer service, who will advise you on how to proceed. They will not be able to refund your order if you deliver it with a broken item without informing them ahead.SHEIN can be reached via webchat, which is available Monday to Sunday.

Check to see if your item may be returned: not all items at SHEIN can be returned. Bodysuits, undergarments, cosmetic goods, DIYs, party products, pet products, costume jewelry, and accessories are among the things that cannot be returned at SHEIN. Swimwear that is not in pristine sanitary condition is not returnable.

You will not be compensated if you return a garment in these categories or that is not in pristine condition, or that corresponds to SHEIN’s non-returnable gifts or promotions, even if it arrives at SHEIN’s headquarters.

Print My Shein Return Label by logging into your SHEIN account, going to the orders section, clicking on the order you want to return, and then requesting a return by clicking on the “Make return” button and selecting the return method.

Depositing SHEIN returns: To be free of charge, SHEIN orders must be delivered to the office of the firm that delivered your SHEIN order. You must pay the shipping expenses and provide the tracking number to SHEIN via the website if you choose to send the return via another shipping firm.

Return your order: take your order to the nearest collection station of your choice and drop it off. Its barcode will be scanned, and SHEIN will be alerted automatically.

Get your money back: If everything meets your conditions, your money will be repaid within 10 days after SHEIN receives your order to your SHEIN wallet or to your bank account, depending on the mode of payment.

Please keep in mind that the original order’s shipping expenses and shipping insurance will not be returned.

It’s simple to return your SHEIN order. Because returning your clothes is as simple as following a few simple steps. Many other firms have convoluted return policies, whereas SHEIN’s return process is quick and easy, and your money is refunded to you quickly.

Many people agree that SHEIN is reliable when it comes to returns. They’ve never had any issues with them before. It’s similar to Aliexpress’s return policy: you always get a response. As a result, ordering from SHEIN is a risk-free option.

What is the return address for SHEIN?

The SHEIN returns address is the one listed on the returns label you print out when you request a return, not the one on the label you receive when you receive your order from SHEIN. The return will not be valid if you return to the address on the label when you get your order.

Is it possible to return to SHEIN for free?

SHEIN exclusively offers free returns for the first time a purchase is returned. It will be free of charge if you return an order for the first time, i.e. some products inside that order. If you return the package to the company that SHEIN specifies as the return point, the return will likewise be free of charge.

Exchange Policy of Shein

Within 40 days after the delivery date, you can swap one item for another. Your item must be in its original packing, including all tags and receipts. Any item that has been worn, used, damaged, or washed is not eligible for return.

How long does Shein take to provide a refund?

After they receive your return shipment, they can complete your refund within 7 days. Due to the present covid situation, processing will take an additional 3-5 days. The reimbursement will be processed either through the original payment method or through your Shein wallet. If you choose Shein wallet, you will receive a refund within 48 hours.


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