How to Retrieve Lost Outlook PST Password?


Overview: Looking for a solution to retrieve lost Outlook PST password instantly? If so, you are in the correct Web page. There are many solutions mentioned on the internet, but we will find one of the best solutions to remove password protected PST file that includes attachments.

MS Outlook is a widely used email client around the world. Outlook supports Personal Storage Table (PST) format to store all data in Outlook profile, including emails, appointments, calendar, etc. Accidental deletion of emails is one of the common problems faced by Outlook users. Microsoft Outlook has a recycle bin where deleted files are stored and users can easily recover files when needed. But what if the Outlook PST file is permanently deleted? Well, permanently deleted data is not completely deleted from the system until it is overwritten. Now the question arises, how to retrieve outlook PST password.

1# How to Retrieve Lost Outlook PST Password – Manual Method

Part 1: Reset or Recover Outlook PST Data File Password

Only Outlook 2010 is used here as an example, and the steps for Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 are similar.

  • Reset Outlook .pst file password from data file properties
  • Open Outlook, in the left pane, right click on the .pst file name and select Data File Properties
  • Select Advanced → Change Password
  • Enter the old password, the new password, verify the password and click OK
  • If you want to remove the password from the data file, enter the old password and leave the New Password and Verify Password text boxes blank.

2# Change Your Outlook Data File Password from Your Account Settings

  1. Open Outlook, click File → InformationAccount Settings
  2. In the Account Settings dialog box, click Data File, select the .pst file, and then click Settings
  3. In the Outlook Data File dialog box, click Change Password to reset the .pst file password.

Consequences / Limitations of Manual Focus

The method discussed above is the original method suitable. But there are some limitations, the main of which are listed below:

  • With this manual method, you will get the previous version of the file, but not the exact copy of the deleted file.
  • Slow and tedious process, and requires technical knowledge
  • Without backup files, you will face data loss.

Therefore, to avoid these shortcomings or limitations, it is always recommended to use an appropriate automatic method to recover lost PST Password files.

Automatic Solution to Retrieve Lost Outlook PST Password

The above method seems a bit confusing and the process may not be understandable to non-technical users. Therefore, novice users are not satisfied with manual solutions, so we
We recommend an automated solution from one of the software named PST Password Removal Tool which provides a direct solution to recover lost Outlook PST password without any limitation. This tool is the perfect solution with an easy to use GUI. This tool helps to recover deleted PST password files without size limit. It allows you to recover passwords for some Outlook PST files. You can select multiple PST files at the same time and remove the password protection applied to them.

It works with PST files that belong to one or all versions of Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, the software can manage the passwords for Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 PST files (such as ANSI and Unicode type PST files) to recover lost/forgotten passwords.

Step by Step Guide to Retrieve Lost Outlook PST Password

  • First,  Download and Install PST Password Recovery

Download PST Password Remover

  • Click the folder that needs to be processed further and press the [OK] button

PST Password Remover

  • The same status reports that appeared in the software dashboard in the previous step can be exported and saved to a CSV file using the “Create CSV Report” option

Generate Report

  • Now, Select on Remove Password tab to unlock PST file

Select Remove Password


In this article, we discuss how to Instantly retrieve lost Outlook PST password without facing any issues. Apart from concerns about data loss as well as manual solutions, we recommend you to continue using the mentioned solutions as they are easy to use and provide users with better results with 100% accuracy. For more information, you can download and evaluate the free version of the software, and contact our team for further questions.


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