How to Reset Orbi To Factory Settings

Reset Netgear Orbi Router

The Orbi Wi-Fi System is a high-performance wireless technology that can bring internet access to your entire home. It can help you get rid of dead zones around your home, and provides speedy browsing speeds. This article will explain how your device back to reset Netgear orbi router to factory default settings.

How to reset Orbi router to factory defaults

Look for the button to reset.  It should have a small reset button. Usually, this button is situated on the rear of the router.

Click on the button to reset. When the router is turned on, press and hold to reset the button. It’s likely you’ll require a paper clip accomplish this, as the button is typically recessive.

Press your finger on the reset button. Continue to push the reset button then hold down the reset key for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Start the router. Unplug the power supply of the router couple of minutes. Once you have reconnected the power source, the router will restart.

Why we need to Factory Reset Netgear Orbi router ?

Netgear Orbi router’s Wi-Fi system is among the most popular systems with amazing features. You will enjoy the uninterrupted internet connectivity throughout

Your building will be connected to your building with Orbi wireless network. At moments, Orbi router starts creating issues such as not responding to connections, dropping connections, or being unable to connect. When this happens it is suggested to reset the router in order to see if the issue is not resolved.

Default Reset Netgear Orbi router

  1. If your wireless or wired connection isn’t working correctly and you’re unable to connect to
  2. And then, you’ll must factory reset your orbi system.
  3. Make sure that your orbi is connected to an active power socket
  4. Hold your reset switch until you see the power light of the device flashes amber.
  5. If you’re resetting the satellite device the ring light will turn Amber.
  6. Your Orbi device has been successfully reset.


Can’t Reset Orbi Router

If you’re using an orbi Wi-Fi router, you are trying to reset your router due to you can’t connect to and and the steps below can help you.

  1. Make sure that your Orbi device is on.
  2. Utilizing a paperclip or similar item Press and hold this button for a few seconds until your Orbi device flashes amber. Be aware that if you’re resetting the satellite of a wall outlet the ring LED will blink amber. The Orbi device has been reset.

Orbi Reset Not Working

Orbi router login, and tried to reset the satellite and router but the reset is failed. Try connecting your router directly via the web browser by using

Check that your PC is connected internet using the ISP router

If the next steps do not help, it is recommended to speak with Netgear’s technical team. Netgear.


In this article for resetting Orbi Router Orbi Router, we have explained how to reset the router with an energy cycle or soft reset, a hard reset and browser configuration methods.



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