How To Reserve Cheap Storage Units

reserve cheap storage units

How To Reserve Cheap Storage Units

There are plenty of reasons you’d want to check out storage facilities in your area. Whether you’re in need of temporary self-storage during renovations or you’re looking for a long-term storage unit, the good news is that it’s easy to find a storage unit in most places. Whatever motivation is behind your plan, you’re likely looking to find and reserve cheap storage units with just a little effort.

With that said, from climate control and other amenities to the lowest possible rental rates, a lot more goes into choosing the right storage unit than simply finding the best deals. To choose a cheap self-storage unit, you must also consider a few particular qualifications that will increase your odds of being satisfied with your storage experience. For things to consider when looking for an affordable unit, read on.

Wait for deals.

The most obvious way to get a great rate on a unit is to wait for deals. If you aren’t on a specific time frame, one way to do this is to call around to local storage unit facilities in your area to ask when they’ll be running specials. In an uncertain market and with the real estate industry booming, it’s possible that you’ll run into issues with finding the type of unit you need on sale. Being patient and calling regularly to ask about available units and upcoming deals is a great way to get the best unit at an affordable price.

Try to avoid making the mistake of sacrificing the things you need for the cheapest price. When calling around, be sure to ask about climate control, square footage, length of rental options, and more. You’ll be glad you took the time to be specific and will be able to use the experience to judge each facility’s customer service.

Cut back on your belongings.

Downsizing is a great way to save on storage needs. If you can’t find the right unit or find that only smaller units will be offered at discounted rates in your preferred timeframe, it could be a great time to consider decluttering. When considering the right unit size, be open-minded about the personal belongings you really need. If you have things you don’t use and no longer need, it could be a great time to give those belongings away or sell them to pay your initial storage fees.

Compare your options.

When looking for an affordable storage unit, it’s important to consider all storage options. Even if you’re new to storage units, it’s a good idea to do some research on the large variety of options out there. Some people are surprised to learn that you can store your vehicle, sensitive documents, and even appliances like freezers that need to stay plugged in. If you have a specific need for electricity, want 24-hour access, or something different, it could be worth renting a bigger unit than you need to get those options. To save money, think about sharing the additional space with a friend or relative and splitting the cost.

At the end of the day, even though more people than ever are turning to public storage facilities during times of transition, it’s still possible to get an affordable unit. Using an online search, making those phone calls, being specific about your needs, and waiting for off-season sales and discount rates are all great ways to ensure you get the storage you need at a great price. Whether you’re hoping for storage to safely store seasonal items or are in the middle of a move or transition, being diligent in your public storage research will pay off.


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