How to Remove Render Blocking Javascript


When you check the access speed of your blog or website on a tool like Google page speed insight , you will usually get a warning ” should fix! ” Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content , it turns out that this is one very important factor. affect the access speed of your blog or website. In this article, Appac Media will discuss how to quickly solve this problem.

Before the browser displays a web page, first the script on the website will be parsed (Javascript and css) and then displayed. So during the parsing process, if a script called from an external source is found , the parsing process will be stopped to download the script first, then the parsing process will resume. It turns out that this process greatly affects the speed of your blog or website when accessed.

Website loading speed is one of the main factors a website deserves to be on the first page of search results. Search engine companies certainly don’t want to disappoint users by displaying websites that have slow page loading on the first page of search results.

we blog (before adding a few images over 100KB in size) is getting past green on Google page speed insights , both on the desktop and mobile versions. But after adding a post that requires a fairly large image, it is now at the 80s / 100 level.

Please note, apart from javascript and external css, images also have a big influence on the loading speed of the website. Make sure you use images with maximum compression, and always display images on the page with their original size (not reduced or enlarged).

How to Remove Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

To solve this problem, the method is actually quite simple, this problem appears because you are calling javascript and css scripts from external or external sources, so to fix this, we only need to install the script on your blog or website.

Remove Render Blocking JavaScript on Blogger

Look at the picture above, in the blue text ” Remove render-blocking Javascript ” there is a javascript link that is called when the browser parses the web page, so this javascript code is not on the website, but is found in external sources, and will be called if the browser parses the page. website to display.

please copy the javascript link, then open a new tab in your browser, then paste and press enter to see the contents of the script. Then it will look like the image below.

The next step, copy all the script lines in the browser, by pressing ctrl + a on the keyboard. The Javascript code that has been copied then you install it between the following code <script type = “text / javascript” > Install the javascript code here </script> Replace the red text with the javascript code that you copied earlier. Then copy all the code after being combined. Enter the blogger dashboard page, then select the Layout menu , then add the HTML / Javascript widget , then paste the javascript code that you copied into the widget, just leave the title field blank, then press the save button. Now try to do the test on google page speed insight , javascript blocking render errors should no longer appear


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