How to Remove Password from Word VBA Project in Easy Steps?


This blog post will be of great help to you if you are developing a strategy to remove password from word VBA project as we are here to provide a reasonable solution to complete the process without losing any data. Before we explain this process, let’s cover some other important information.

Sometimes developers/programmers forget passwords for VBA projects. To operate the VBA project file, the user must remove the password. In this post, we will explain manual and non-manual solutions to users.

Some users like to use VBA code to remove passwords from Word documents, such as professional developers and programmers. But they don’t know the correct formula to remove passwords in the Word VBA project. Keep reading this blog post and all your doubts will be solved.

Remove Password from Word VBA Project – Manual Approach

There are several techniques available to remove VBA code from Word passwords, namely manual and automatic. Tell us the step by step process to remove Word VBA password.

Solution #1 – Remove password from Word document with VBA code

  • First, open a new Microsoft Word file
  • After that, select Developer options << Visual Basic or press Alt + F11


  • Click Insert and select a module option from the drop-down list


  • Type the given VBA programming code in the module window


  • After this, press F5 to continue, or you can also select the Run << Continue option


  • Browse password-protected Word VBA files, including macros and modules. Press the open button


  • It will take some time to remove the Word password VBA code. Once done, it will display the password to unlock the Word VBA lock project


  • Click the OK button to close the password popup window
  • With this password, users can easily access Word VBA projects with complete programming languages
  • After that, select the File << Information << Encrypt with password option


  • Remove the password from the pop-up message window and click OK


  • After that, users can easily open Word VBA projects without asking for a password.

Drawback of Manual Method

There are some limitations to using the manual solution. Check out some of them:

  • This is a time-consuming task. Users should have a lot of patience while using this activity.
  • This manual solution is not suitable for all users, especially non-technical ones.
  • This is a technical procedure for cracking a VBA password.

The most important thing is to worry about losing important data. Users can lose their important data when they use this method to complete the process of removing password from VBA. Therefore, you should avoid the manual method. If not, the user will face the limitations mentioned above.

Automatic Solution to Remove Password from Word VBA Project Documents

SysTools VBA Password Recovery is the perfect software to remove passwords from Word VBA projects. This is a professional method to remove VBA passwords without losing important information from macros and modules. This is easy to use application to remove passwords from Microsoft Word projects. Therefore, it can be easily used by both technical and non-technical users. You can download and install it on all the latest Windows operating systems. It is an excellent solution for removing VBA passwords from Word document file extensions like .doc, .docm, .dot, .dotm, etc. Our technical experts have designed the utility. so that it can be easily operated by both technical and non-technical users. Developers and coders use this tool to bypass Word VBA passwords without losing important information or modifications.

Steps to Remove Password from Word VBA Project Documents

  • After pressing the “Download” button, the software will be downloaded and installed on the PC

Download VBA Password Remover Software

  • ChooseSelect File” and “Select Folder” options

Choose Add Files or Folder

  • Then, Navigate to where you want to save the unprotected VBA password

Select Open button

  • Press Reset button to recover password from protected VBA file.

Select Reset button


The post above briefly describes the solution on how to remove password from Word VBA project document. Users can use any solution mentioned in this post. But a professional approach is much better than a manual solution. Users can simply download the tool to remove the VBA project password. This app has two versions, a free trial version and another is a licensed version. Take advantage of the demo version to get to know the software. Once satisfied, the user can purchase the license key, to remove the unlimited VBA password.

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