How to Reliably Advertise Your Babysitting Services

Babysitting service - Babysitting flyer template

It’s a great way to make money because good babysitters are always in demand. However, while many jobs are available, teen sitters may face stiff competition for those positions. You may want to stand out from the crowd, but you never want to put yourself in danger.

babysitting services - babysitting flyer template

First of all, ask yourself these screening questions:

  1. Am I CAPABLE? Is this job a good fit for my education and experience? Some jobs necessitate more experience, additional training, or specialized knowledge from a babysitter. If the job requires you to work long hours, watch multiple children, or babysit children with behavioral or medical issues, you may decide that it is too much for you. Also, keep in mind that only sitters with at least two years of experience should babysit infants under the age of six months.
  2. Will I be OKAY? Only babysit in homes and neighborhoods where you feel safe, and only for families who are concerned about your safety. No matter how much you love their children, don’t babysit for employers who make you feel uneasy. Also, if the family has pets that you are afraid of or allergic to, it is best to decline the job. Finally, make sure you have a safe way to get to and from the job. It’s best if your own parent transports you if you need a ride.
  3. ARE YOU AVAILABLE? Check that the babysitting job isn’t scheduled on a day that has already been reserved for family, friends, school, or another babysitting job. Avoid scheduling jobs ahead of deadlines for school projects or family events when you are likely to be busy.
  4. Is PERMISSION granted to me? Before accepting a job as a teen, consult with your parent. They must be aware of your plans and can assist you in avoiding scheduling conflicts. Put the information about each babysitting job on a family calendar or a shared calendar app and share it with your parent.

What is the best method for finding babysitting jobs?

Babysitting flyers

Through family and friends

Word of mouth

Through a babysitting app or website

Social media

Newspaper or online ads

Some other way

Always adhere to the following guidelines:

Inform relatives and family friends that you are available to babysit. Make sure that the people you know best are aware that they have a responsible sitter to whom they can turn whenever they require one!

Inform your religious group’s neighbors, teachers, and families. Because you have a level of trust with one another, approaching your teachers to let them know you’re available to babysit is natural. Many parents also prefer to hire sitters who live in their neighborhood or attend the same church. Below are the best techniques to promote your babysitting services:

Babysitting Flyers

babysitting flyer template

Create babysitting flyers online, it is another safe option for advertising your babysitting services. This is an effective method that allows parents to find babysitters, so it can also assist babysitters in safely looking for work.

What is the best way for everyone to know what a fantastic babysitter you are? Advertise your babysitting services with the help of flyers. It will give you more visibility among your potential customers.

Post your babysitting flyers on bulletin boards in grocery stores, libraries, community centers, toy stores, daycares, children’s clothing stores, churches, and schools, or anywhere else you think a lot of parents will see them.

Word of Mouth

Even for inexperienced babysitters, word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

When you’re ready to start babysitting, make sure to notify all of your family and friends. That way, they can recommend you to any parents they know who may be looking for a babysitter.

Once you’ve gotten your first few clients, ask parents if they would recommend your babysitting services to their friends. As long as you’re doing a good job, most people will gladly recommend you to people they know if the subject of babysitters comes up.

Parents with young children typically have a large network of other parents with whom they can connect. If they have younger children, they are probably involved in playgroups or know other parents they met at the playground or daycare. It’s a good way to get referred to babysit a bunch of other kids your age.

Making some business cards and handing them out to parents is a small investment that can help you get some extra babysitting jobs.

People are much more likely to recommend your services if they have your phone number and other contact information readily available. You can also request that families for whom you babysit post your business card on community bulletin boards at any schools, daycares, or other organizations that they frequent.

Post Ads on the Internet

People use a variety of popular websites such as Craigslist, Kijiji, and Gumtree to buy and sell items online. You’re probably already acquainted with the most popular classifieds website in your area.

These sites have a services section where you can advertise your babysitting services for free in addition to buying and selling used physical products.

However, anyone can respond to these ads, so use caution when using the internet. If you’re a younger babysitter, you should enlist the assistance of a parent to help you create your online ad and respond to any inquiries.

It is recommended that you meet any strangers who contact you about your babysitting services in a public place the first time you meet, so you can get to know them and ensure that everything appears to be fine. Most families will require an interview or at the very least a meeting with you before leaving you alone with their children. As a result, any stranger who simply asks you to come to their home for a babysitting job should be approached with caution.

Utilize Newspaper Ads

Another place to advertise your babysitting business is in your local newspaper. A basic advertisement in your local paper will typically cost around $10. Larger or more prominently featured advertisements can be obtained in the newspaper, but the cost will quickly rise with larger advertisements.

Newspapers can be a low-cost advertising medium. However, it appears that fewer and fewer people are reading physical newspapers these days. So consider the types of babysitting clients you want to reach and see if they appear to be the type of people who would read a newspaper.

I wouldn’t recommend running weekly newspaper ads for your babysitting business because it will be very expensive. However, placing a few well-timed advertisements around back-to-school time or just before summer vacation may get you a lot of attention from parents.


Finding parents willing to hire you can be the most difficult part of babysitting when you’re just starting out.

Promoting your babysitting business can help you find work right away. To reach as many different parents as possible, I recommend utilizing a variety of different advertising strategies.

Online marketing for your babysitting business is convenient and usually free. Use Facebook groups, classified ad websites, and other platforms to reach hundreds or thousands of prospective babysitters with a single post.

However, don’t overlook offline advertising opportunities such as creating flyers or business cards. With the majority of babysitters focusing their efforts on online marketing these days, taking advantage of bulletin boards in your area could give you a significant advantage.

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