How to Recover Lost Password of Outlook PST File – Know How


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It is very common nowadays for many people to lose or forget their Outlook PST file password. Sometimes, some people need to access old files that have just returned to normal so they can’t remember the password anymore. If you have the same problem and are unable to unlock the PST file password, you will finally get help here. In the following section, we will cover all possible ways to recover a lost or forgotten Outlook PST password. So let’s get started without wasting a lot of time.

Manual Way to Recover Lost Password of Outlook PST File

To reset Outlook PST password, you need an existing password, but you have forgotten it. Therefore, you need to follow several methods to remove forgotten passwords from Outlook data file (PST):

Method 1: Remove Outlook 2016 PST Password

Changing the password of a PST file is easy if you know the old password of the PST file.

  • Start the MS Outlook application. Go to File button & click Account Settings >> Account Settings
  • In the Account Settings dialog, you can select the Data Files tab. After that, select the Outlook PST file and click on Settings option
  • An open dialog called Outlook Data File. Now, hit the change password option
  • In the Change Password dialog box, you can set a new password for the PST file. Click the OK button
  • Ultimately, your PST file is protected by a password of your choosing. Every time you try to open a PST file, it will ask you for a password. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to write down the password for future use.

Method 2 – Use the pst19upg.exe utility

There is a free utility, pst19upg.exe from Microsoft to recover Outlook .pst file password, which only works with ANSI PST files below the Outlook version. It doesn’t remove the password from the Unicode PST file or sometimes it doesn’t work. In this case, you should look for a PST password recovery software that supports ANSI or Unicode PST. Follow the steps below to recover lost or forgotten Outlook PST password:

  • First you have to close the MS Outlook Application
  • Then create a backup copy of the PST file so that if anything goes wrong, the data can be recovered
  • Run the Scanpst.exe tool on the copy of the PST file and select the Repair button
  • Now, press Windows Key + R to open Command Prompt. Paste and enter the path to PST19UP and the PST file name PSTUPG19.EXE-filename.pst. press enter
  • A new copy of the Outlook PST file will then be created with the name filename.psx. You can rename the original .pst file when done
  • At the command prompt, you need to enter the path to pst19upg.exe-filename.psx. press enter
  • A new passwordless PST will be created from the PSX file
  • After making the changes, you should also make sure that the file is free of errors by checking it with the ScanPST.Exe tool.

Disadvantages of the Manual Technique

The manual task has several limitations, including:

  • As you can see, manual focus takes several steps. Also, it’s a waste of time
  • If your Internet connection is lost during this process, you will have to repeat the same steps to complete the task.
  • In the manual process, you need to select each PST file at the same time to remove the Outlook PST password. Microsoft Outlook installation is required to reset or recover passwords for Outlook .pst files.
  • This method is very detailed and takes a long time to go through the whole process.

Quick Solution to Recover Lost Password of Outlook PST File

To overcome all the drawbacks of the manual method, you can also try smart and efficient solutions. The application provides a user-friendly interface for both technical and non-technical users. It is a software highly recommended by experts as Outlook PST Password Recovery Tool. During this archiving process, users will not lose any information. It is so simple that any novice user can understand and use this tool to accomplish this task.

Steps to Recover Lost/ Forgotten Password PST File Without Outlook

  • First of all, Install PST Password Removal Tool

Download PST Password Remover

  • Choose folder and click the [OK] Tab.

Locate PST data file

  • Then check the status of the locked PST file


  • Finally, click on “Remove Password” button to remove the password from PST file

click on remove

What Are the Advantages of Implementing this Software?

  • Apart from that, the software has a very secure, simple and easy to use graphical user interface.
  • Recover all passwords: long and multilingual passwords
  • You can recover Outlook PST password at the same time without any problem.
  • This software does not require a supported email client application to be installed.
  • In addition, you can download and run the product on any version of the Windows platform.


The above article briefly mentions the solutions to recover lost password from Outlook PST file. Some users face problems during the process. Methods to recover Outlook PST password via manual and professional solutions are mentioned here. Users can use any solution that suits them. But we would recommend an automated solution to get the job done. Through this the user will not face any loss.


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