How to Provide Efficient Business-As-Usual IT Support

IT Support
IT project work is dependent on time and determined by deliverables which aim to achieve a particular goal

A term that refers to the mundane aspects of daily life and, for businesses that is, of a typical work load. Despite the meaning of a boring, routine routine, if business office managers and their leaders actually think about it, processes, systems and workplaces that are operating normal business is a desirable state as it implies that things are going smoothly.

In the majority of cases, but, business operations take lots of resources and time and it’s hard to make sure that everything is functioning smoothly throughout the day. For instance, in the UK in particular, internal IT professionals as well as IT Support London teams are required to complete the day-to-day technology tasks that enable operations to go on without interruptions.

As the world adjusts to an norm–a situation where businesses depend heavily on technology and technology, the demands on IT organizations have increased.

close up network engineering man hand typing keyboard laptop to configure command software and check connectivity on ethernet broadband at data center operation room for technology concept


Tech teams today are expected to ably manage new workforce approaches (work from home, bring-your-own-device), absorb new technologies, maintain legacy business applications, and more regularly, deal with IT-related tasks such as updating security patches, manage user additions/deletions, handle logged out accounts and forgotten passwords, and more. These are all part of what’s called BAU or Business as Usual (BAU) and support.

BAU work involves the tasks that have to be completed regularly to ensure that things run according to plan and also ensure that risks are reduced. BAU Support for IT London is crucial for UK businesses because the majority of the tasks that are involved are time-sensitive or part of the daily to-do list. Since BAU work is essential IT teams are spending the majority of their day working on work on the help desk, leaving them little or any time to plan (or tackle) larger IT projects.

BAU Support vs IT Projects

In contrast to the typical business IT help, IT project work is dependent on time and determined by deliverables which aim to achieve a particular goal. A typical illustration that is the type of IT task is creation of a software program, or the creation of an IT product. The project is planned, includes beginning and ending date and is based on an approved budget, and is backed by an established goal.

In shur net solution The teams of project managers are generally comprised not just of technical experts but also others, such as end users and representatives from other key departments like security, finance, and so on. IT projects are vital for the company’s efficiency as well as growth and innovation which is why they have the same value in the same way as BAU work.


When IT BAU and Project work are equally important What can you do to ensure that both are working in your company? The best answer is that you have enough staff to accomplish this. However, the reality is that the majority of small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the funds to hire a whole team of IT experts. Many companies are faced with having just an IT team or two in IT projects, and all the while fighting IT-related ‘fires from time to time.




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