How To Protect Excel Workbook From Editing?

How To Protect Excel Workbook From Editing

Want to protect your Excel file or workbook so that any random person can’t make changes to it.  Well in this task of preventing users from viewing up your hidden worksheets, or protect the Excel workbook from editing this post is really going to help you a lot.

Before getting into this, let’s first know in how many different types you can Protect Excel Workbook From Editing.

Types Of Excel Protection Workbook

Following are the types of Excel protection which you can apply to your Excel file.

  1. The first one is worksheet protection; in this, you can protect any of your particular Excel worksheets.
  2. Another one is cell protection; applying this type of protection you can protect any of your specific Excel. Users can edit any of your worksheet cells except the one you have protected.
  3. The last one is protecting the Excel workbook structure. This will cover the entire workbook including the Excel sheets and cells.

How To Protect Excel Workbook?

1# Protect Excel File

In this method, you will learn how to protect Excel Workbook with password or restrict users from opening it.

Follow these steps in order to protect the completion of your Excel file.

Step 1: Hit the File tab and then tap the Info option. On the right-hand side of your screen, you will see the Protect Workbook option.

Protect Excel file 1

Step 2: Click the arrow sign present in Protect Workbook option. This will open the drop-down menu from which you have to choose the Encrypt with Password option.

Protect Excel file 2

Step 3: assign the password which you want to set. After that, hit the ok button.

Protect Excel file 3

Step 4: You are asked to re-enter the password one more time for confirmation.

Protect Excel file 4

Note: try to remember the password which you have assigned. Once you forget the password, it’s been quite difficult to recover it.

Step 5: 

After this, you will see that the warning message will get pop-up on your screen regarding “The Structure of the workbook has been locked to prevent unwanted changes, such as moving, deleting or adding sheets”.

Protect Excel file 5

Step 6: 

Hit the save button and then close your Excel workbook to apply all the changes that you have done.

Now try to open your workbook in which you have just now applied for the protection. This time you will get a password dialog box opened on your screen. This means to access the Excel workbook anyone needs to entire the correct password.

Protect Excel file 6

Note: lost or forgotten password most of the time results in loss of Excel file.

2# Protect The Workbook Structure

To protect Excel workbook structure, here are the following steps:

  • Hit the ReviewProtect Workbook tab.

  • In the password dialog box assign the password.

Protect Excel Workbook 2


Well, the password is optional here so if you don’t enter any password then any user can edit your workbook.

Protect Excel Workbook 4

In Excel Mac, Passwords has a limit of 15 characters. You are not allowed to open the workbook or documents which is password-protected in the Windows-based Excel version.

3# Protect Excel Cells

Follow the below-given steps to lock your excel worksheet cells.

  1. Choose the excel cells that you need to lock.
  2. Go to the Home tab, and then from the Alignment group, choose the small arrow sign. This will open the pop-up window of Format Cells.

protect excel cells 1

  • From the Protection tab, choose the Locked After that hit the OK button to shut down the popup box.

protect excel cells 2

  • Go to the Review tab from your Excel ribbon. After that from the Changes group, choose Protect Workbook or Protect Sheet.

4# Protect Excel Worksheet

If you want to protect any specific sheet of your workbook then it is also possible in Excel.

  • Make a right-click on the excel sheet tab present on the taskbar. From the menu choose the Protect Sheet option.

Protect excel sheet 1

  • This will open the window of Protect Sheet. In order to lock your sheet with password, you have to enter the password.
  • Don’t forget to make a check across protect worksheet and contents of locked cells option.

Protect excel sheet2

  • Tap to the ok button.
  • If you have assigned any password then you are asked to verify it after tapping on the ok button.

Protect excel sheet 3

With the protected sheet, the user can easily manage the cells which are locked.  If any other person tries to make any modification to it then they will get an error message: the cell you are trying to edit is on a protected sheet.

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How To Recover Lost Excel Workbook Data?

If due to any other third-person intervention in your Excel workbook you end up losing your crucial Excel data. Don’t get worried still, there is a way to recover lost Excel data.

For easy repair and recovery of corrupted, damaged, and inaccessible data from the Excel workbook you are recommended to use Excel Repair Tool.

This tool very efficiently fixes many errors and issues related to the Excel workbook and retrive deleted Excel data.

Points To Remember While Attempting To Protect Excel Workbook

  • Using the Protect Workbook option mentioned in the “Protect the workbook structure” section you can restrict users to edit your Excel workbook. So any other Excel user can only open the workbook can’t make any changes to it.
  • If you are choosing the Protect Excel File option then any third person can’t even open your excel file. To open that, they need to assign the correct password first.
  • Try to remember the Excel password very carefully. Once you forget the Excel password you can’t recover them.

Protecting Excel workbook and protecting Excel file is not the same so don’t get confused.

Do share your opinion with us, regarding this particular “Protect Excel Workbook From Editing” blog. if you have any queries then ask it freely by commenting on this blog.


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