How to Promote YouTube Channel in 24 Hours to Get More Views

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How did you promote YouTube channel videos perform in the first 24 hours after they were published? Is there a surge of enthusiasm, or do most of your comments come in gradually over time? The number of views received in this one-day period might catapult the content of select authors to new heights. Because of YouTube notifications, they’ll get a lot of views, and the algorithm will subsequently recommend their content to other people. That’s the kind of YouTube mojo you want, aside from going viral. You should make an effort to have your music appear in useful portions of the software, such as the browse functions, promote YouTube channel, and suggested videos.

How to Analyze the 24-Hour View Data on YouTube

Let’s say we want to see how many people have watched our most recent video, “How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2021.” The following are the results in YouTube Studio after completing the steps above. By scrolling down a bit farther, you may see a list of traffic sources for video views in the first 24 hours. Using this information, we can ask ourselves a few questions about the video’s performance, and possibly create better content as a result.

Is the video performing better or worse than other sorts of content?

We can confirm this by looking at traffic source statistics. Our video performed well in YouTube search views but poorly in YouTube recommendation views, as shown in the screenshot above. We know this since a pop-up window emerged when we hovered our cursor over each traffic source, displaying our regular video performance. The Promozle channel normally averages the following for these two sources:

Recommendations discovered on YouTube: 2.9K to 6K 220 to 430 results

That means the 2.8K views this video received through YouTube recommendations are a touch low.

On the other side, getting 957 search views is excellent. That means we did a great job of focusing on certain keywords for the film, and 

Did modifying the video’s thumbnail or title in the first 24 hours affect the number of views?

To address this question, we must consider both the overall number of impressions and the click-through rate of the video. Go to the top of the page and click Reach instead of the Overview tab. Another graph may be found under Impressions Click-Through Rate, which indicates the video’s click-through rate over the first 24 hours. When you refresh your video, try to remember what hour you changed the thumbnail or title in the first 24 hours. You might, for example, decide to change a film’s title and thumbnail 12 hours after it’s been released. Take a look at these examples with that in mind.

Most creators want us to answer the following question: How do you figure out which videos are popular in the first 24 hours?

The remedy, fortunately, is only a few mouse clicks away. Here’s how to get the statistics in YouTube Studio:

1.Select the First 24 Hours filter on the Overview tab of your video’s analytics page. Under the graph showing channel views, Watch Time, subscriptions, and revenue, click See More.

2.In the top right corner of the page, click Compare To. This will allow you to select a different video from your channel and compare its first 24 hours to the one you were watching before. By clicking on Traffic Source, you can examine the breakdown of traffic for each video.


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