How to Promote Instagram Page Without Spending Money? 


Instagram accounts let it be for business use or otherwise, needs promotion. This promotion is either paid or free. Now, when we say to promote business or personal Instagram profiles without spending money, we mean two things – totally go off the beat and don’t spend a single penny or invest the bare minimum to promote the profile. 

 Here, in this blog, we will focus on – how to promote an Instagram page without spending a single penny. Yes! Nothing will be needed in the name of promotion. 

Knowing that we don’t want you to wait for more. Let’s go straight to the tips that can boost your Instagram page. 

Instagram Features that Help in Boosting Your Page 

Other than the very common ways of promoting Instagram page. Tons of features have the potential to make your brand or business go places. Let’s try them out as they are simply free of cost. 

Tip #1: Make Use of IGTV 

One of the most helpful ways to boost or promote an Instagram page is through IGTV (Instagram TV). This is a newly added feature that augments profiles or pages very quickly. We are sure you would want to know how it happens, right? Well, this IGTV functions like a regular TV or in other words YouTube. What did you do on YouTube? You scroll the channels and videos. Watch some of the exciting or interesting ones and leave the rest. Likewise, in IGTV you being the owner of the IG page, share content in the visual video form. People check out your brand and get going from there – that is follow you and help in increasing the engagement rate. Making videos and posting them on IGTV will help you in creating reliability and trust in the audience. Brand awareness is also sparked and your purposeful content on IGTV. 

Tip #2: Announcing Sales Promotions 

Let’s assume you have a new product or service. Or let’s say you are relaunching the business. Or you are doing something new. In all these or similar situations announcing sales promotions helps. It is even best when you consistently let the audience know about your plans, how products help them, and why they should buy these products. 

So, how much promotional content related to sales is considered reasonable? According to experts, two sales promotions are fine. But then, these sales and promotions should have a good gap. Remember, too many upgrades only exhaust the audience. 

Tip #3: Do All that is on Trend

When we speak about trends, they actually leave a very powerful impact on your Instagram page. Trends can be anything. Yes, anything that is new in the world of Instagram. For instance, it can be about the latest feature on IG, viral challenges, or anything that has to do with philanthropic activities. 

Another way to use trends in your IG account is based on the content you produce. Creating something related to trends has a higher potential to expand your Instagram real followers’ reach and visibility. Associate hashtags in the description of the post can make the post viral. 

Tip #4: Posting Instagram Stories Regularly 

One of the easiest ways to get higher engagement rates and more visibility is to post regularly. Not just post but to post something that makes sense to the audience. For that, you can’t possibly think of posts every day. So, experts’ tip helps many on this point. According to them, create a calendar. See what you can post in a month’s frame. Adding awareness posts, posts for referrals, promotional posts, videos, going live on IGTV, and creating content for IGTV and polls are some ways of maintaining traffic in your profile. We can’t forget “stories” though. including them will give you an edge to stay active and in the algorithms. 

Tip #5: Instagram Live Functionality in Action

Another Instagram feature that helps starters or new accounts get instant visibility and reach is going live. You can carry out workshops, give tutorials, and hold a question and answer session to promote the IG page. Announcement of such sessions beforehand on the page will give more traffic in the form of viewers.

Tip #6: Tagging Brands 

This is a little different from other tips on promoting your Instagram page. All you have to do is to tag the brands. It works as a shout-out to your very own self. It has a higher convertibility and engagement rate. And it will not be wrong to say it gives the best kind of promotional encouragement. Besides, it is considered the best practice for IG promotions. Adding locations in the posts also attracts people from the same area or location. That way you get a targeted audience too. 

 Tip #7: Highlight Engagement 

The one and most authentic way to promote an IG page are through building trust and reliability in the audience. Without that, you might face challenges to make the best kind of engagement. So, if you really want to make the best engagement with an audience. Take care of the kind of content you generate or curate. This means you have to have relatability and connection with the audience. Asking questions and going live on IGTV (as mentioned in the list above) will help your brand or business grow faster. Getting comments, likes, views, shares, and followers will help in receiving more engagement. 

Tip #8:Engage Instagram influencers in conversation

Influencer marketing is not usually associated with commercial endeavors. You can promote their brand while promoting your own by cleverly interacting with them. You can interact with their posts and increase exposure by reposting them in addition to liking and commenting on them. There are many Instagram influencers; you should pick those who are beneficial and pertinent to your brand. For instance, if you offer financial services, you ought to interact with influencers who discuss money.

Tip #9:Hold competitions for teams

You can team up with other business owners in your network who operate in the same sector as yours to compete against one another. It is advised to begin working with one or a few profiles before gradually adding more. Having an Instagram contest where participants follow your account and mention a few friends in the comments is one of the strategies that is frequently used.

All business owners can increase their accounts by using this technique to reach the followers of other firms. Consider forming a partnership with a company whose products or services complement your own.. For instance, if you sell sunglasses, a swimsuit company would be a fantastic fit because it’s obvious how these two goods are related.

Tip #10:Use Instagram Story Highlights to Your Advantage

In essence, Instagram Story Highlights have curated collections of the stuff you’ve previously uploaded to your stories. You can opt to create different albums for various categories. These groupings are sometimes referred to as albums. Story highlights, in contrast to regular stories, are permanent and remain in your profile above the feed and beneath the bio section. You can make albums for each of your products if you have a lot to give your fans. The albums can continue to be updated with pertinent information.

Last Words – How to Promote Instagram Page Without Spending Money? 

Well, the tips mentioned in this blog post are some of the best ones. By “best” we mean, they are tried and tested. Many businesses and brand owners have made use of it and have gotten excellent kinds of responses in the form of results. We wish you a pleasing trial. Do let us know if you tried these tips and tricks or not. If yes, also mention in the comment section below the ones which did wonder. 




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